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Walkerville Elementary School, or simply Walker Elementary after Captain Walker, is a grade school in Walkerville, USA. It holds kindergarten through eighth grade, and it serves as the primary setting of the franchise.

Its mascot is a warthog, formerly the Bog Beast butterfly, and it is the home of the Magic School Bus.

Parking Lot

The place where the school's most recognizable vehicle, the Bus, is parked. Most of the time, it is parked in the same spot, but otherwise, in Wet All Over, it is parked near the awning.

Frizzle Classroom

The primary setting in the school. This class has eight (20 in the book series) students: Dorothy Ann, Wanda, Arnold, Ralphie, Jyoti, Carlos, Keesha, and Tim. Phoebe attended this class until her fourth-grade year, when she moved back to Phoebe's Old School in fifth grade. It includes a closet, a cage for the class pet Liz, an aquarium, and a hamster cage.

Mr. Ruhle's Office

This is the principal's office, where he and his secretary work. It is where the kids learned about the fact that Mr. Ruhle lost his chicken, Giblets. It is the home of his Eniac Maniac computer, and also the place where Carlos infected him with allergens.


The cafeteria is present in "In the Arctic" and "Makes a Rainbow", and at the end of The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks.


Also doubling as an auditorium, this is the place where the kids take physical education and where school plays, events like Smell Search, and the like are held. The kids put on their Jack and the Beanstalk play and Flower Power musical here, and Walkerville PS Variety Show auditions were held on the stage.

Makes a Stink, Gains Weight, and The Magnetic Mambo primarily take place here.


The library is shown in The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks, The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip, and "Makes a Rainbow".



  • It is a K-8 grade school, based on the fact that Tiffany is in seventh grade. (TMSB: At the Waterworks)
  • All the staff are named after their qualities. For example, the Frizzles are named for their hair, Mr. Ruhle is named for the fact that he "rules the school", and Mr. McLean is the janitor (he keeps the school clean).
  • It's seen in almost every episode of the saga and in almost every book.
  • The school is located in the eastern United States (In the Zone).
  • It is named for Craig Walker, the man who inspired Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen to write The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks (1986).
Walkerville Elementary School

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