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Walkerville Elementary School serves as the primary location for the series The Magic School Bus. The principal of Walkerville Elementary School is Mr. Ruhle. Ms. Frizzle teaches third grade and is the only teacher to own a bus which is her signature vehicle that has the ability to transform into various shapes.

Ms. Frizzle's Classroom

Ms. Frizzle's classroom is the primary setting in the school and is located on the first floor. Ms. Frizzle teaches in this classroom and her pet chameleon Liz serves as her assistant and she has eight students: Dorothy Ann, Wanda, Arnold, Ralphie, Phoebe, Carlos, Keesha, and Tim. The classroom also has a closet that serves as Ms. Frizzle's secret hideout until she reveals herself to the class. However in the episode "Makes a Rainbow", her closet has a rainbow pinball machine used to represent light and spectrum.

Mr. Ruhle's Office

This is the headmaster's office of the school. This office only appeared in the episode "Gets Programmed" where the class (with the help of Carlos's brother Mikey) were setting up a brand new computer to take control of the school's electricity and school operations.


Gymnasium and Fields