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Walkerville Elementary School seen in Gets Ants in Its Pants.

Walkerville is a fictional town in the US state of Virginia[1], that serves as the setting of the books and TV saga.


Walkerville Elementary School


Sound Museum

Phoebe's old school


  • Walkerville Elementary School
  • Frizzle residence (Professor Frizzle's house)
  • Tennelli residence
  • Hudson residence
  • Li residence
  • Terese residence
  • Wright residence
  • Kaur residence (Jyoti's house, not her grandmother's, which is in England)
  • Perlstein residence (Arnold's house)
  • Ramon residence
  • Walker Lake
  • Phoebe's old school
  • Sound Museum
  • Axle "Valve-Stuck"'s lab
  • Ghost Farm
  • Bat-infested castle
  • Walkerville Paleontological Site
  • Walkerville Newsroom (In Your Face studio)
  • Walkerville Civic Arena
  • Walkerville Auto Parts Store
  • R.U. Humerus' Body Shop
  • Walkerville Ballet Theatre
  • Walkerville Hotel
  • Tennelli Restaurant


  • Its location in the television saga canon was unknown and debatable, until the episode In the Zone. Even though the state for the school is not specified, in the original series version of the ending theme song, "Is This the Magic School Bus?", the Walkerville area code is 224, the code for the northern Chicago suburbs. This implied that Walkerville is located in Illinois. In "Kids in Space", the class lands back on Earth near Florida, which might have implied that the school is in Florida. Out of This World implied, through a dream sequence, that Walkerville is located in New Mexico. There are also some fans who believed its location to be Rhode Island.
    • Walkerville was confirmed to be located in Virginia in the song "Time Zones" from the episode, In the Zone. Joanna Cole lived in Virginia prior to her death.
  • It was named for Craig Walker, who inspired Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen to write the Magic School Bus books.
  • Its demonym is Walkervillian. ("Rocks and Rolls")
  • In the Zone, during the song "Time Zones".
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