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Hello! I am MegaSceptile001 (or メガジュカイン001MegaJukain001), an admin on FrizPedia. If you're tired of typing my full username to refer to me in your Message Wall messages, you can always call me by the nickname Mega (メガ), a shortening of the username that was started by User:2020097k. I'm a big fan of The Magic School Bus, especially The Magic School Bus Rides Again (2017-2021), which I prefer to be superior out of the books and The Magic School Bus (1994-1997).

OF course, I don’t just like TMSB. I have other interests, such as Pokémon, Megami Tensei, etc.

Facts, like 1RichardHunt and Philemondromel3's user pages

  • Even though I like TMSBRA, I don't have a TMSBRA book.
  • Out of all three administrators, I think I might be the youngest.
  • I pretty much have the entire VHS/DVD collection for both shows as far as NTSC and Region 1 goes. I do have some PAL TMSB releases, but they're DVDs.

About my experiences with TMSB(RA)

The Classic Magic School Bus Book Series (1986-2021)

I was introduced to TMSB via the books, so you might as well call me an OG. My first TMSB book was 1999’s Explores the Senses. But I happened to have gotten into the series when watching Hops Home, which I will talk about next.

Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus (1994–1997)

During kindergarten, we watched Hops Home and Spins a Web as part of animal study. Even better: they were the VHS videotapes!! This is when I actually got into the actual franchise.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again (2017–2020)

I was introduced to this series when it was known as The Magic School Bus: 360° (its prototype name). I also watched it on release. Since 2020, The Magic School Bus Rides Again has become better than the original in my opinion due to the episode "Kids in Space" fixing all the mistakes that 9Story had made during the first two seasons (like darkening Keesha and Tim’s skin color to normal again, transitioning to CGI (bus only), and the return of Producer Says segments featuring Liz and guest stars instead of JUST the Friz and Goldie).

Universal's film adaptation

In June of 2020, TMSB's Facebook page posted a link to a news article. It was about a new movie based o n the series, starring Elizabeth Banks as a certain Ms. Frizzle. I'm planning to watch the movie in theaters on launch day, and buying a Steelbook copy of it when it releases.

More about me and TMSB+RA

  • Favorite Student: Jyoti
  • Favorite Frizzle Teacher: Ms. Fiona Frizzle
  • Favorite Frizzle Fragment: The Friz (Ms. Frizzle’s humor), but also Fiona Frizzle (her adventurousness) sometimes
  • Favorite MagicWare Vehicle: Bus
  • Favorite Classic Series Episode: Hops Home (the first one I ever watched)
  • Favorite Rides Again Episode: The Frizz Connection
  • Favorite Arnold Voice Actor: Amos Crawley
  • Favorite Tim Voice Actor: Kaden Stephen
  • Favorite Ralphie Voice Actor: Matthew Mucci
  • Favorite Carlos Voice Actor: Daniel DeSanto
  • First Joanna Cole Book: Explores the Senses (paperback)
  • First MSB Scholastic Reader Book: Builds the Statue of Liberty
  • First MSB Chapter Book: The Giant Germ
  • First 90s Series TV Tie In: Blows Its Top (A Book About Volcanoes), original printing
  • First Rides Again Book: Meet the Class
  • First Episode Watched: Hops Home
  • First DVD: Human Body (2005)
  • First VHS: Gets Lost in Space (#27461-1).
  • Favorite school showing: 3rd Grade (Kicks Up a Storm, Gets Lost in Space)

My MSB book collection

I own these editions of all 13 The Magic School Bus books:

  • At the Waterworks (1986):
    • 1987 paperback
    • 1992 paperback (Includes the original series ad)
  • Inside the Earth (1987):
    • First-edition 1987 hardcover
    • 1992 paperback (includes original series ad)
    • 2006 paperback (includes the 1997-2021 cover art style)
  • Inside the Human Body (1989):
    • First edition 1989 hardcover (signed by Joanna Cole)
    • 1992 paperback (with original series ad)
    • 2006 paperback (includes the updated version of the taste bud report)
  • Lost in the Solar System (1990):
    • First edition 1990 hardcover
    • 1992 paperback (with original series ad)
  • On the Ocean Floor (1992):
    • First edition 1992 hardcover
    • 1992 paperback from the Collector's Box (the one with the original series ad on the bottom right side of the cover instead of bottom left)
  • In the Time of the Dinosaurs (1994):
    • First edition 1994 hardcover
  • Inside a Hurricane (1995):
    • First-edition 1995 hardcover
    • 1995 Permabound release
    • 2006 paperback
  • Inside a Beehive (1996):
    • First edition 1996 hardcover
  • And the Electric Field Trip (1997):
    • First edition 1997 hardcover
    • 2006 paperback (with the removal of VCRs)
  • Explores the Senses (1999):
    • First edition 1999 hardcover
    • 1999 paperback (includes original series ad)
  • And the Science Fair Expedition (2006):
    • First edition 2006 hardcover
    • I don't have the book jacket with the 20th anniversary sticker
  • And the Climate Challenge (2010):
    • First edition 2010 hardcover
  • Explores Human Evolution (2021):
    • First-edition 2021 hardcover

Top 5 bus forms (best to worst)

  1. The giant rocket ("Kids in Space") - This deserves to be on number 1. This is the definitive bus rocket, with huge engines, a nose, and that NASA-esque tube shape. Another reason why it's number 1: It can detach itself! This is why I call it the NASA Bus.
  2. Phoebe's headband bead ("Goes Cellular") - The Bus can literally become clothing. Never underestimate the Bus doing its stuff.
  3. The plane/helicopter ("All Dried Up", "Getting Energized", "Goes Cellular", and "Meets Molly Cule") - In order for the Bus to resemble a helicopter (or plane), the designers had to dislocate its eyes. A good example of the fact that The Bus disassembles itself and then reassembles itself when it is transforming.
  4. The blood cell ("Carlos Gets the Sneezes") - If another student got the sneezes, Carlos would have made a pun: The Magic CELL Bus! But it resembles one of its common forms that it takes while they are inside bodies.
  5. The frog ("Hops Home") - This is one of the most popular animal transformations (it's on all the DVDs), so it deserves to be on the list. It's on top 5 because it still keeps some bus features.

The best ships across both series

Dorothy Arn

  • CRACKS A YOLK - They kissed, and thus the ship becomes canon
  • THE FRIZZ CONNECTION - Their hardwork and determination really showed while together on the balloon, and also, they panicked (DA touched Arnold's shoulders too).


  • THREE IN ONE - Ralphie offered to help Jyoti with the Gizmo
  • READY? SET? FAIL! - Jyoti's playbook for baseball focuses on Ralphie.

My top six episodes ever (these are subject to change when new episodes come out)

6. Taking Flight (Flight) - In this episode, the kids are flying in a model RC plane while in small form, while Tim, Phoebe, and Liz stay big and operate the controls. This is on No. 5 for most hated because I have a feeling the writers dumbed down MSB a bit.

5. Ready Set Fail (Engineering) - Ralphie wants to go to a distant planet and obtain a gem of geniusness, that can only answer one thing. Ralphie wants to use it to up his grades so he can stay on the Walkerville baseball team. When they reach the alien planet and realize that the Bus can't land, the kids test out and build a rover that can land. But once they get there, they realize they have forgotten to test the Bus, so instead, they use the gem to summon magic duct tape and fix it, causing Ralphie to study. This is one like-hate level above Taking Flight because, after getting my copy of the Rides Again Blast Off DVD, I have been watching this episode the most, and it's too repetitive for me.

4. Kicks Up a Storm (Weather) - Ralphie, as "Weatherman", uses the Bus's powers to create a thunderstorm, and then regrets it. Whenever I can't think of a different episode to watch, I just like to pop this one into my VCR, as it never gets old. I first watched this one in third grade and started to like this one a lot (primarily due to Weatherman's thunderstorm).

3. Kids in Space (Astronauts) - In this one, the Portashrinker accidentally turns a tardigrade into a mutant monster loose on the International Space Station, so the kids must find a way to shrink it back to microscopic size. And then, after they shrink it, there's a scene where a Ralphie-Wanda ship arises among the fanbase. Well, never mind that. As a Ralphie/Jyoti shipper, I still find this episode great, especially all the original series references, like the Portashrinker and Arnold growing huge during that one part when the Friz talks about the Bus Remote.

2. Hops Home (Habitats) - Wanda's pet frog, Bella, has jumped out a window, and so she and the class go look for Bella in the Bus, and Ms. Frizzle shrinks it to frog size for a closer look. This was the first episode I ever watched, but that was before Rides Again (my favorite of the two MSB shows) released.

1 The Frizz Connection (Air Currents) - It's Arnold's birthday, and he chooses to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for the field trip. On the way to New Mexico, they enter a thunderstorm. Now here we have a Teen Titans parody: Ms. Frizzle (Raven) is hit by lightning (the Mysterious Prism) and is split into different parts reflecting her personality. But here's where the originality comes in: when she is split into parts, the Bus does too, and a different group of students with similar personalities to each of the split Ms. Frizzles appears on each split Bus. So the students (the other Titans) must find a way to navigate back to the storm and combine her again. I also think that The Magic School Bus Rides Again is better than the original in my opinion, so this is my overall favorite episode EVER.

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