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(The episode begins with Tim showing a book about baobab trees that talk.)

(Ralphie interrupts him.)

Ralphie: Fake alert!

(Scene shows Ralphie and Tim.)

Ralphie: Sorry, but I'm not buying it!

Tim: OK, I know they're weird, that's really what baobab trees look like.

Ralphie: Fine but they don't talk.

Tim: Sure they do! Probably, maybe, I think.

(Scene shows Carlos and Keesha)

Keesha: I don't know, I mean the whole idea's cool and everything...

Carlos: But, if we want to win this year's Walkerville Science Fair Crazy But True trophy like we do every year...

Keesha: We need to come up with something CRAZY!

Tim: Like talking trees!

Keesha: But true

Tim: Like trees that talk?!

(Scene cuts to the entire class)

Carlos: But what if it's not true?

Tim: It has to be, everything in the forest communicates

Ralphie: Who told you that? A pinecone?

DA: *giggles*

Wanda: What if he's right? How awesome and crazy but true would that be?

Keesha: But it makes no sense!

Wanda: It totally makes sense!

Carlos: You're wrong!