The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip is the ninth book in the original book series.


What is electricity? How is it made? In Ms. Frizzle's class, there's just one way to find out--a field trip on the bus! After experiencing firsthand how a power plant makes electricity, the class shrinks small enough to squeeze through the power lines. They learn how electric current travels through the town and how it lights up a light bulb, heats up a toaster, and runs an electric motor.


  • The episode "Gets Charged" is also focused on electricity like this book, even though they were both in production at the same time and have completely different plots making neither one adapted from each other.
  • This is the first book in the original book series to have the subtitle in a different font and with only the first letter in uppercase (besides some common words like and, the, etc.) than in the previous books. The previous books had the subtitles in all uppercase letters on their front covers. Later on, the earlier books were re-published with re-illustrated covers and using the same font for the subtitle and having only the first letters (except for the common words) in uppercase like this book.