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The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip is the ninth book in the original book series.


What is electricity? How is it made? In Ms. Frizzle's class, there's just one way to find out—a field trip on the bus! After experiencing firsthand how a power plant makes electricity, the class shrinks small enough to squeeze through the power lines. They learn how electric current travels through the town and how it lights up a light bulb, heats up a toaster, and runs an electric motor.


  • The episode "Gets Charged" is also focused on electricity like this book, even though they were both in production at the same time and have completely different plots making neither one adapted from each other.
  • This is the first and only book in the series to make a nod to the TV dilogy it spawned. The original series is credited as "Magic School Bus television series" in the special thanks list.
  • This book marks the beginning of the "new era" of the Magic School Bus book series. These "new era" books introduce new topics such as climate change, evolution, and electronic appliances, and introduce modern technology to the 1980s books such as flatscreen televisions. They are also larger in size and have a new cover art style, in which the title of the book uses a different font - a bold, sans-serif, lowercase typeface.
  • The Bus's overhead sign says POWER!
  • In some of the Season 2 VHS tapes, a promo was made to introduce this book.
  • Though Season 4 was never available commercially on VHS, old broadcast masters thereof dubbed to VHS show this as the new book in the book promo at the end.
  • Even though this is a "modern" classic book, this had to be republished due to the mentioning of video and audio cassettes.
    • This is the only classic book in the "modern" era to get a republished edition.
    • This is also the first classic book in which Carlos makes a joke.

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