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The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge is the twelfth book in the original book series.


Ms. Frizzle's students are putting on a play about global warming, and they need some cold, hard facts. She knows just where to find them! A hop on the bus takes the kids on a whirlwind tour. From the Arctic to the equator, they see telltale signs of climate challenge. But to get the really big picture, they have to get really small—so they can see exactly what's in the air and why it is making the world warmer. What they find gives them a real cause for concern!


  • The Bus's overhead sign says ALL ABOARD.
  • This was the final new book of the 2000s, if 2001 began the decade and 2010 ended the decade, as decades technically start in the first year and end in the tenth. No books were released in the 2010s.
  • On page 19, Arnold uses Tim's "We've been Frizzled" catchphrase from the 1994 TV series.
  • Joon, a student from South Korea, is introduced. He does not return in the next book. He wears glasses, like the Perlstein cousins. He makes cameos in the Rides Again TV series as one of the main background students, but instead of his glasses being rectangular, they are circular. He is seen at Nicki Ray's Puzzlepalooza during The Land Before Tim.
  • When the Bus turns into an inflatable raft and splashes into the pool on page 27, Lenny the Lifeguard from On the Ocean Floor makes a cameo as the pool's lifeguard.
  • Joon references how his school in Korea is not like Walker Elementary, similar to how Phoebe compares her old school to Walker in the 1994 TV series and previous books.
  • This is the last book to be published during Joanna Cole's lifetime.
  • The 8 students from the 1994 TV series play major roles in this book, and the students whose roles were either heavily reduced or scrapped altogether from the TV show play minor roles.
  • This is the first 21st century book to tease the next book.

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