The Magic School Bus Wiki has new changes and users who are benefiting this community very much. As of now, the site is prospering very much, and so are pages our growing in a flurry. Though this wiki is very old, it holds valuable information. This wiki was already built, but is building higher at the moment. The reboot pages are being created at this very moment.

And there are also a few things this wiki needs- subpages such as galleries, transcripts, et cetera, and some work done in CSS. So, users, will you help me?

First, I'd like to talk about galleries. Please screenshot gallery images from Netflix and at the right size. For a few examples, see File:S1E1Sun.PNG. That is an ideal size. And if the pause button and preference bar at the bottom of the screen is getting in your screeshot, click pause, and wait until it disappears. Then screenshot it and BAM! Galleries are subpages like, "Frizzle of the Future/Gallery", or, "In The Haunted House/Gallery". Those are some examples and things set for galleries. Also, if uploading an image, add a source and licensing.

This wiki is amazing and I am currently editing reboot pages and galleries. If you'd like to become a part of the Image Team, tell me or simply upload an image. I think there are lots of user who can help with galleries.