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The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane is the seventh book in the original book series. It was published in the United States in 1995.


Ms. Frizzle is ready to conduct her students in the bus. This time, it's a trip into the clouds to gather facts about hurricanes--firsthand. When the bus transforms itself into a hot-air balloon (and later into a weather plane) to take a close look at one of the world's hurricane breeding grounds, the class, especially Arnold, realize this won't be an ordinary lesson in meteorology.


  • This book was featured in the funding Magic School Bus promo for season 2 as the new book of the series and shows up again in the season 3 book promo.
  • This is the third book to have a different book cover outlook from being republished.
  • On the original book cover, the Bus had KA-BOOM as its overhead sign, but in the republished version, its overhead sign says HURRICANE FRIZZLE.
  • In American and Canadian VHS releases of the second season of The Magic School Bus, this book was shown in the promo for various The Magic School Bus books, representing the 1986–2021 series.
  • This is the last book to get a different cover outlook for the reprinted version.
  • The Bus transforms into a balloon in the episode, The Frizz Connection.
  • Keesha's dance training from The Magic School Bus episode, "Gets Lost in Space", is referenced at the end of this book when, as the class is doing some "crazy dancing" as mentioned in the narrative, she's shown en pointe for some reason.