For the bus for which both series are named, see The Bus .

The Magic School Bus is a children's book series written and illustrated by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, respectively, used to teach varying science subjects to their young readers. The books began coming out in 1986 and the most recent came out in 2010.


The books star the eccentric elementary school teacher named Ms. Frizzle and her class, which is standard size in the books and shrunk to 8 in the animated series. In each story, she takes them on "highly unusual" (to quote Arnold[1]) field trips to various locations including inside the human body, beneath the Earth's crust, the far reaches of outer space, and other locations that would normally be impossible to visit. These trips are courtesy of her special shape-shifting school bus which they use to reach those locations.

Each book always ends with a page that separates fact from fiction, as they always use fantasy to teach real world scientific concepts. In the television adaptation, this was replaced by the Producer Says segment at the end of each episode, in which the producer (voiced by Malcolm-Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show) receives phone calls from kids complaining about how some things that happened on the show couldn't do so in real life.[2]