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Season 3 is the third season of The Magic School Bus, and the third season overall. It was produced from late 1995-mid 1996, and aired on PBS from September 14, 1996 to December 25, 1996.


Netflix (2013—2021) - "Hop aboard the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle and her class as they learn about salmon migration, visit a suspension bridge, and more in Season 3."

Season Three (DVD, Region 1, 2015) -


Character Voice actor
Professor Frizzle (known as Ms. Frizzle) Lily Tomlin
Mr. Ruhle Paul Winfield
Arnold Perlstein Danny Tamberelli
Dorothy Ann Hudson Tara Meyer
Carlos Ramón Daniel DeSanto
Keesha Franklin Erica Luttrell
Ralphie Tennelli Stuart Stone
Phoebe Terese Maia Filar
Tim Wright Andre Ottley-Lorant
Wanda Li Lisa Yamanaka
Janet Perlstein Renessa Blitz
The Magic School Bus
Producer Malcolm-Jamal Warner

One-Time Characters and Guest Stars

Character Voice Episode
Harry Arm Amos Crawley "In the Arctic", "Works Out"
General Araneus Ed Asner "Spins a Web"
William Li Lisa Yamanaka "Under Construction"
Mrs. Li Rosalind Chao
Alex Trebek Himself "Shows and Tells"
Katrina Eloise Murphy Dolly Parton "Holiday Special"

(main feature)

Cast and Crew Themselves "Behind the Scenes"

(second half of "Holiday Special")

Garth Sinew Dan Marino "Works Out"
Inspector 47 (now Inspector 22) Matt Frewer "In the Rainforest"
Ashley Walker-Club Dupree Jessica Walter "Rocks and Rolls"


No. Episode name Topic Airdate (PBS)
1 In a Beehive Honeybees September 14, 1996
It's a sticky situation when Tim's bike crashes when he's delivering jars of honey. Naturally, Ms. Frizzle is ready to help out with a really sweet idea: shrink down and buzz off into the intriguing inner world of a beehive. Soon the class is learning how nectar becomes honey, why bees are great dancers, and other unBEElievably fascinating BEEhaviors!
2 In the Arctic Heat September 21, 1996
There's nothing Arnold loves more than a steaming hot cup of cocoa, unless, of course, it becomes cold. 'Where did all the hot go?' he wonders. Ms. Frizzle knows a way to find out about heat in the land of ice and cold, so she takes the class to the Arctic Circle.
3 Spins a Web Spiders September 28, 1996
Carlos and Phoebe can't decide if spiders are cool...or creepy. Then the class is zapped into a drive-in movie about a giant praying mantis—with Liz playing the part of (yikes!) bug bait! As their quest to rescue her reveals the many ingenious hunting methods of spiders, they gain a new appreciation for the bug-trapping skills of nature's original webmasters.
4 Under Construction Structures October 5, 1996
When Wanda's little brother, William, accidentally shrinks Ms. Frizzle and the class, they end up trapped in her bathroom with no way out! But, using the materials at hand, and some very constructive ideas, they're soon building hair roller towers and Band-Aid™ bridges as they discover something surprising: the power of improvising!
5 Gets a Bright Idea Light October 12, 1996
After the illuminating light show at Walkerville's old theatre, Arnold's bossy cousin, Janet, claims she could put on a much better one. Nobody believes her until she and Arnold mysteriously disappear. Ms. Frizzle leads the class into the darkened theatre to look for them. To shed some light on the problem, they become beams of light. Then, to their great shock, they see Arnold's ghostly image floating high above the empty stage! Is the theatre haunted? Is this just one of Janet's tricks? Or have they all been Frizzled?
6 Shows and Tells Archaeology October 19, 1996
It's the International Show-and-Tell Competition, and Arnold and Dorothy Ann are representing Ms. Frizzle's class. Arnold brings in a webbed hoop, left behind by his great-aunt Arizona Joan (parody of Indiana Jones), a famous archaeologist, but he has no idea what it is! Using clues from it and her journal, the class makes educated guesses (hypotheses) about its uses. Ms. Frizzle turns the bus into a Supposatron, a magical device used to evaluate guesses. Can the class solve the puzzle before Arnold takes the stage?
7 Makes a Rainbow Color October 26, 1996
There's something dazzling in Ms. Frizzle's closet: a light-powered pinball machine! To win at this game, the class is to light up all six colors of the rainbow. Now the race is on as they shrink down and zoom into the machine. Catch an eye-full of fun as they try to crack the secret code of what makes color so...colorful!
8 Goes Upstream Migration November 2, 1996
Ralphie wants to catch salmon to serve at the annual school picnic, but he can't find any at his favorite fishing spot. Where could they have gone? The class is soon Frizzled inside a salmon bus that has an uncontrollable urge to head upriver. "Wait!" Ralphie cries. "We'll be late for the picnic!" But the bus won't stop. Using its sense of taste and smell, it swims the long journey to a shallow freshwater stream miles away. Why has it, which thinks it's a salmon, gone to all this trouble?
9 Works Out Circulation November 9, 1996
Is Mr. Sinew any match for Ms. Frizzle? At this year's Teacherathlon, the class fears she doesn't stand a chance against him, so they travel inside her for a closer look. The bus drives through her lungs to her bloodstream, where they get pumped through her heart to her calf muscle. But when it collapses from the strain of winning the second event, the class discovers that her red blood cells can't get oxygen to her muscles fast enough! Can they help her recover in time to win the final race?
10 Gets Planted Photosynthesis November 16, 1996
When Phoebe tries to grow a beanstalk for the school's production of Jack and the Beanstalk, all she ends up with is a stunted little sprout. To help out, Ms. Frizzle turns her into a real one. But to grow tall, she needs to figure out how plants eat - fast! To unearth the amazing ways plants make their own food, Ms. Frizzle and the class shrinks down and digs deep in a quest to root out the facts!
11 In the Rainforest Rainforest Ecology November 23, 1996
To celebrate Earth Day, the class surprises Ms. Frizzle with her very own cocoa tree from the Rainforest Rentals Catalog. But when its cocoa bean harvest falls mysteriously short, it's time for—you guessed it—a rousing tropical field trip! Soon, the class is hot on the trail of how cocoa pods, mud puddles, and tiny bugs all play a part in the rainforest's wondrous Web of Life!.
12 Rocks and Rolls Erosion November 30, 1996
To celebrate Walkerville's centennial, Ms. Frizzle's class sculpts a stone statue of its founding father, Captain Walker. As they add the finishing touches, it tumbles down the mountain. Ms. Frizzle turns the bus into a boulder and the class into rocks while bumping down the mountain in a desperate attempt to save the statue.
13 Holiday Special Recycling December 25, 1996
It's the last day of school before the winter holidays, and Wanda plans to see The Nutcracker. But to her dismay, during a field trip to Ms. Frizzle's first cousin Murph's recycling center, the toy soldier she needs to get into the theater accidentally gets recycled into plastic pellets! When she wishes recycling never existed, Ms. Frizzle and the class show her what the world would be like without it! Ms. Frizzle activates the bus' unrecycler, taking the class and Murph on a song-filled field trip, where they learn how everyday items are made from recycled trash.
14 Behind the Scenes Making of The Magic School Bus December 25, 1996
Malcolm-Jamal Warner and the rest of the cast and crew guide the viewers on a tour through the Original Series' production.

Technical Performance Report

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