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Season 2 is the second season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and the sixth season overall. It began on April 13, 2018 with "The Land Before Tim (Fossils)", and presumably ended on December 26, 2020 with "In the Zone (Time Zones)". It is the longest-running season of The Magic School Bus saga, with 16 episodes (as of now) instead of the usual 13.

As of now, two hiati have happened in this season. The first hiatus occurred after "Making Magic" and lasted until "Kids in Space". After "In the Zone", another hiatus occurred and is still happening as of now.

Like Season 1, this season originated on Netflix. It is the only season as of now without a Region 1 DVD released by NCircle. Instead, 9Story bundled it with Season 1 in a DVD of the same region[1].


Bold = new voice

Normal = returning

Italic = deepening or aging

Character Voice actor
Ms. Fiona Frizzle Kate McKinnon
Arnold Perlstein Miles Koseleci-Vieira (prior to Kids in Space)
Roman Lutterotti (since Kids in Space)
Dorothy Ann Hudson Gabby Clarke
Carlos Ramón Leke Maceda-Rustecki
Keesha Franklin Mikaela Blake
Ralphie Tennelli Matthew Mintz (prior to Kids in Space)
Matthew Mucci (since Kids in Space)
Jyoti Kaur Birva Pandya
Tim Wright Kaden Stephen
Wanda Li Lynsey Pham
The Magic School Bus

Guest Stars

Character Voice Episode
Dr. Tillage Jay Baruchel "Ghost Farm"
Tony Tennelli Martin Short "Ralphie and the Flying Tennellis"
Commander Hadfield Chris Hadfield (himself) "Kids in Space"
The Frizzle Fragments Kate McKinnon "The Frizz Connection"
Maven Lights "In the Zone"


  • The first 13 episodes of the season all released on Netflix on April 13, 2018.
No. Episode name Topic Release Date (Netflix)
1 The Land Before Tim Fossils April 13, 2018
Tim and the rest of Ms. Frizzle's class are invited to participate in the former's favorite puzzle game show, Celebrity Super-Stumpers Puzzlepalooza. The kids go back in time to learn about fossils (the theme of the puzzle).
2 Claw and Order Birds April 13, 2018
The classroom is a mess, and the class accuses Wanda's bird friend, Marty the Magpie, for the damage.
3 Ghost Farm Farming April 13, 2018
When Wanda forgets to bring food for the school's annual Fall Fun Feast, the kids learn about how crops grow by visiting a "haunted" farm.
4 Nothin' but Net Internet April 13, 2018
Jyoti plans on sending a 3D hologram of herself to her grandmother in England for her birthday, but she accidentally uploads Arnold.
5 I Spy with My Animal Eyes Sight April 13, 2018
When Ratney escapes into a waterspout and the Bus shrinks to retrieve her, she is accidentally transformed into an invisible giant.
6 Ready, Set, Fail! Engineering April 13, 2018
The kids build and test a space rover to help them navigate an exoplanet and retrieve a gem that holds the answers to anything, so Ralphie can keep his grades up and stay on the baseball team.
7 The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi Simple Machines April 13, 2018
Carlos, Mikey, and the other students race across the pasta display in Ralphie's family restaurant while shrunken.
8 Send in the Clouds Clouds April 13, 2018
Jyoti invents an automated, hands-free umbrella and wants to show it to the public.
9 Ralphie and the Flying Tennellis Circus Math April 13, 2018
The kids take a field trip to Budapest, Hungary, to watch Ralphie's trapeze-artist cousins who perform in the circus.
10 Tim and the Talking Trees Communication April 13, 2018
The kids visit a forest and are transformed into plants, bugs, and fungi to prove to Tim that "trees talk".
11 Waste Not, Want Not Nutrients April 13, 2018
The kids make a special fertilizer made of fæces for Dorothy Ann's flowers.
12 Janet's Mystery Gene Genetics April 13, 2018
The kids travel inside Janet's DNA (and accidentally mess with it) to learn about what makes us who we are.
13 Making Magic Sun April 13, 2018
In order to charge the Bus's battery, the Friz pilots the students (and Mr. Ruhle) to the surface of the Sun.
14 Kids in Space International Space Station/Astronauts August 7, 2020
Ralphie accidentally enlarges a tardigrade using the Porta-Shrinker on the International Space Station.
15 The Frizz Connection Air Currents October 20, 2020
Arnold's birthday field trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta becomes a quest to reunite Ms. Frizzle after she is split into three parts.
16 In the Zone Time Zones December 26, 2020
The Bus needs a software update to run correctly, so it malfunctions during a New Year's Eve world tour with Ms. Frizzle's pop-star cousin.


  • This is the final season...
  • This is the first season...
    • span multiple years.
    • ...with a hiatus.
    • have episodes that released in years ending in 8 and 0, those years being 2018 and 2020, the eighth and tenth years of the 2010s.
    • be produced by two different studios (9Story and later Brown Bag)
    • the new Rides Again art style. (Kids in Space was the first episode in CGI)
    • ...with episodes that did not release in September, October, November, or December.
    • ...without 13 episodes. Instead it has 16.
    • ...that released in a year that does not end in 4, 5, 6, or 7.
    • ...with Roman Lutterotti and Matthew Mucci.
    • have an episode title that mentions a character other than a student, the Bus, or a member of the Frizzle family. The Flying Tennellis and Janet have episodes named for themselves.
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