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Season 2 of The Magic School Bus is the second season in total. It began on September 9, 1995 with "Blows Its Top" and it ended on December 2, 1995 with "Ups and Downs". It contains 13 episodes.


Netflix (removed 2021): "In Season 2 adventures, the Magic School Bus takes Ms. Frizzle and her students on field trips to a volcanic island, to a spa for reptiles, and more."


Character Voice actor
Professor Frizzle (known as Ms. Frizzle or Dauntless) Lily Tomlin
Arnold Perlstein Danny Tamberelli
Dorothy Ann Hudson Tara Meyer
Carlos Ramón Daniel DeSanto
Keesha Franklin Erica Lutrell
Ralphie Tennelli Stuart Stone
Phoebe Terese Maia Filar
Tim Wright Andre Ottley-Lorant
Wanda Li Lisa Yamanaka
Janet Perlstein Renessa Blitz
The Magic School Bus
Producer Malcolm-Jamal Warner

One-Time Characters and Guest Stars

Character Voice Episode
Radius Ulna Humerus Tony Randall "Flexes Its Muscles"
Carmina Skeledon Rita Moreno "The Busasaurus"
Mr. Perlstein Elliott Gould "Going Batty"
Mrs. Perlstein "Going Batty"
Mr. Ramon Edward James Olmos "Going Batty"
Mr. Terese Dana Elcar "Going Batty"
Mr. Hudson Amos Crawley (speaking debut in "The Tales Glaciers Tell") "Going Batty"
Mrs. Hudson Swoosie Kurtz "Going Batty" and "Out of This World"
Mrs. Franklin Eartha Kitt "Going Batty"
Dr. Tennelli Tyne Daly "Going Batty"
Mrs. Wright "Going Batty"
Janet Perlstein Renessa Blitz "Butterfly and the Bog Beast"
Tiffany Shannon Duff "Wet All Over"
Mr. Junkett Sherman Hemsley "Revving Up"
Mikey Ramon Kevin Zegers "Getting Energized"
Harry Herpst Michael York "Cold Feet"
Gerri Poveri Cindy Williams "Ups and Downs"
Richie Gabriel Martinez "A Magic School Bus Halloween"
Howard Danny Tamberelli "A Magic School Bus Halloween"
Katie Kharisma "A Magic School Bus Halloween"


No. Episode name Topic Airdate (PBS)
1 Blows Its Top Volcanoes September 9, 1995
Ms. Frizzle presents the class with the missing piece to their gigantic Earth puzzle—an island that hasn't been discovered yet! Both Dorothy Ann and Carlos want to be the first to get to to name it, but when they reach the spot where it's supposed to be, all they see is the sea. It takes a run-in with an explosive underwater volcano to help them understand how the Earth makes new land.
2 Flexes Its Muscles Body Mechanics September 16, 1995
Because he'd rather be playing ball, Ralphie wants to build a robot to do his chores. As he and his classmates struggle to do so, they discover the importance of knowing how joints, bones, and muscles work together to help us move.
3 The Busasaurus Dinosaurs September 23, 1995
Ms. Frizzle takes the class to a dinosaur dig, courtesy of her old schoolmate, Dr. Carmina Skeledon.  She completes this field trip by traveling back 67 million years to see what dinosaurs were really like.
4 Going Batty Bats September 30, 1995
When Ms. Frizzle invites the class' parents for a meeting to demonstrate the exciting things that their children are learning about nocturnal animals. Ralphie becomes convinced that she is a vampire. Is he right—is she a vampire and are bats a dangerous threat to their parents? How does she overcome his bad bat rap?
5 Butterfly and the Bog Beast Butterflies October 7, 1995
It's time for the big soccer game and the class needs a new mascot, fast! But when Phoebe suggests "The Butterflies", the others say no way. So it's off to the swamp in search of the mysterious creature known as the Bog Beast. But when the Porta-Shrinker zaps the class to bug-size, they discover the swamp's most truly exciting beast, as they learn there's no butterflies!
6 Wet All Over The Water Cycle October 14, 1995
The class turns into water and takes a wild ride through the water cycle—evaporating, condensing, raining, running downhill into a river, and then all over again. Arnold, wet and worried that they will be stuck in the water cycle forever, suggests they escape back to school by a detour to the reservoir. By traveling through the waterworks and town pipes, Arnold hopes they'll find their way back to school. But he's not quite prepared for the trip's conclusion: being spewed out of the faucet in the girls' bathroom!
7 In a Pickle Microbes October 21, 1995
Keesha's prize cucumber was stolen and replaced with a smelly old pickle! Ms. Frizzle says a tiny group of troublemakers known as the Mike Robe Gang is responsible, and takes the class for a visit into the teeny tiny world of microbes.
8 Revving Up Engines October 28, 1995
The school district's vehicle maintenance inspector, Mr. Junkett, is about to condemn the bus! When Ms. Frizzle persuades him to take a test drive with her and the class, the engine stalls. Determined to save the bus at any cost, the class heads into its fuel tank and learns how engines work. But can they save it?
9 Taking Flight Flight November 4, 1995
After Wanda asks how things fly, the class is shrunk inside Tim's model airplane. In a series of high-flying adventures, they personally discover how wings and moving air cause flight.
10 Getting Energized Energy November 11, 1995
The class' Ferris Wheel is about to cause them big trouble unless they find a way to power it. Carlos' younger brother, Mikey, electrifies the crowd after he plugs into a powerhouse of alternative energy sources.
11 Out of This World Space Rocks November 18, 1995
After Dorothy Ann sees an asteroid on a crash course toward the school, the class blasts into space. They discover comets and meteors—but will they be able to divert the asteroid and save the day?
12 Cold Feet Reptiles November 25, 1995
The class discovers that Liz is missing, having gone off to a mysterious place called Herp Haven. Why has she left them? Thinking she's in trouble, they rush there, where they transform into reptiles in order to get past Harry Herpst, the proprietor. Now reptilian, they learn what it means to be cold-blooded.
13 Ups and Downs Floating and Sinking December 2, 1995
A monster is sighted in Walker Lake! Wanda wants to be the first one to see it, but the bus refuses to sink. Meanwhile, Gerri Poveri a TV reporter who needs to find it to boost her sinking ratings, wants Wanda out of the way.
14 A Magic School Bus Halloween Sound and Bats October 31, 1995
Ms. Frizzle, under the alter-ego "Dauntless", guides students Richie, Howard, and Katie through an old, haunted museum, telling stories about her famous field trips along the way.


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