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Season 1 is the first season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and the fifth counting the four in the prequel. All 13 episodes were released on Netflix on September 29, 2017. It also aired on the now-defunct Qubo channel in the US on November 1, 2020.

All thirteen episodes were released to DVD in the United States on on July 6, 2021.


Character Voice actor
Professor Valerie Frizzle, PhD Lily Tomlin
Ms. Fiona Frizzle Kate McKinnon
Arnold Perlstein Miles Koseleci-Vieira
Carlos Ramón Leke Maceda-Rustecki
Dorothy Ann Hudson Gabby Clarke
Jyoti Kaur Birva Pandya
Keesha Franklin Mikaela Blake
Ralphie Tennelli Matthew Mintz
Tim Wright Kaden Stephen
Wanda Li Lynsey Pham
Janet Perlstein Annelise Forbes
Professor Frizzle's Motorbike
The Magic School Bus

Series Guest Stars

Character Voice Episode
Galápagos Gil I and II Will Arnett Frizzle of the Future
Kathy K. Kuiper Mae C. Jemison Space Mission: Selfie
Dr. Sarah Bellum Sandra Oh Ralphie Strikes a Nerve


All episodes aired on September 29, 2017.

The following are the YouTube descriptions for each episode.

No. Episode name Topic Spotlight character (mentioned in credits)
1 Frizzle of the Future Ecosystems Arnold
“Arnold is alarmed to discover that the beloved Ms. Frizzle has been promoted and her younger sister is taking over the class. His worries come true when a simple field trip results in the Galápagos Islands being overrun by invasive bunnies. Can Arnold save the islands, and will he ever learn to appreciate his new teacher?”
2 Pigs in the Wind Wind Keesha
“When Keesha's epic stage production of 'Three Little Pigs' falls flat after her 'sturdy' brick house topples, Ms. Frizzle takes the class to the windiest mountain in the world to test a new design. But when a huge windstorm threatens to trap the class there for good, can Keesha both lead the kids out of danger and figure out how to save her play?”
3 In the Swim Fish Wanda
“When in Hawaii, Wanda befriends a cute little fish called Becca, only to learn its life is in danger – shark danger! But when the class goes undersea to rescue Becca, the predator fish turns its toothy attention toward the kids! Can Wanda give the shark the biggest scare of its life and lead the class to safety, just by thinking like a fish?”
4 The Battle for Rock Mountain Rocks Tim
“Tim's inspiration for his new comic comes via a Frizzle-led trip across millions of years of geological history, as he tells the epic superhero story of Captain Rock Man (Arnold) vs Weatherman (Ralphie) in a battle to the finish!”
5 The Magnetic Mambo Magnetism Ralphie
“Ralphie finds inspiration for his new dance troupe at the subatomic level – the synchronized, spinning electrons inside magnets! But when the bus gets stuck in a ditch inside a mountain of magnetite, can Ralphie use the mighty properties of magnetism to save the day?”
6 Carlos Gets the Sneezes Allergies Carlos
“Carlos wants the class to adopt Ratney, an adorable rodent, and must convince Principal Ruhle to give them permission. But when his pitch is imperiled by his non-stop sneezing fits, the kids go inside Carlos's bloodstream to help his immune system fight back – only to discover it's his overactive immune system that's the real problem!”
7 Hides and Seeks Camouflage Dorothy Ann
“Finally, D.A. gets her big chance for revenge! Every year until now, she has lost at Extreme Hide and Seek thanks to the uncanny powers of a mysterious player known only as The Seeker. But this year she has a plan: to apply the skills of mimicry and camouflage used by the best hiders in nature! Will she finally defeat The Seeker and be crowned champion?”
8 Three in One Matter Jyoti
“To win an inventors' contest, Jyoti must come up with a '3-in-1 Gizmo That Goes'. But what can she come up with that has three completely different conditions and is always moving in different ways? Could her idea come from good ol' water in its three forms: liquid, solid ice, and vapor? And can it inspire the best carnival ride ever?”
9 Space Mission: Selfie Satellites Keesha
“Space Camp is the first launching pad towards becoming an astronaut, and Keesha is determined to get in thanks to the best application form ever – including a selfie from actual space! But in her eagerness to get the perfect shot, she accidentally disrupts several Earth-orbiting satellites, and jeopardizes not only her future, but the planet's!”
10 The Tales Glaciers Tell Conservation Dorothy Ann
“D.A. is more of a researcher than a storyteller, so she's naturally nervous when her parents sign her up to speak in front of a sellout crowd. But thanks to the Friz, D.A. gains inspiration from the greatest storytellers on Earth: glaciers! These mighty, frozen time machines guide the class through the Earth's last 10,000 years, and the incredible tale of the changes it has witnessed.”
11 Ralphie Strikes a Nerve The Brain Ralphie
“As head of the spirit squad, Ralphie needs to kick start the losing-est soccer team in Walkerville history. And what better way to do that than with a homemade Giant Cheerleading Robot? But getting all parts of the giant machine to work together is no easy task, so they take a look inside Ralphie's brain and nervous system to see how it's done right!”
Note: This episode takes place in two human bodies. Jyoti’s brain is also explored before the trip into Ralphie’s brain.
12 Monster Power Renewable Energy Arnold
“Arnold has terrified himself, thanks to an ill-advised midnight screening of 'The Blot Monster' – a terrifying beast that thrives on pollution and is only afraid of light. So when the class goes overnight camping, Arnold must find a way to keep the lights on – without creating any creature-baiting pollutants!”
13 DA and the Deep Blue Sea Ocean Zones Dorothy Ann
“When D.A. accidentally loses Jyoti's high-tech locket in the ocean, it's all aboard the Magic School Submarine to retrieve it! Down they go through the layers of the sea, amazed by some of Earth's most unusual animals. But when their craft loses power at the darkest depths, can the kids find inspiration from the unlikely creatures they find there to turn their luck around?”


  • This season is the first…
    • …in Rides Again.
    • …to release in the 21st century and also in the 2010s.
    • …in the 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • …not to promote The Magic School Bus book series.
    • to feature Jyoti and Ms. Fiona Frizzle.
  • The tie-in books for this season have different names than the episodes - similar to "In the Haunted Museum" and "Gets Baked in a Cake".
  • Only "In the Swim" and "Hides and Seeks" have titles focusing on the Bus. The other episodes have titles focusing on the other characters. (e.g. Carlos Gets the Sneezes instead of Gets the Sneezes.)
  • This is the second season to have a casting change, the first being the original season 2, four seasons earlier.
  • Ralphie finally gets a new voice actor after two seasons of being voiced by a teenaged Stuart Stone.
    • Stuart Stone also helped direct this season, even voicing two characters: the Cosmic Corner announcer and the host of Gizmos that Go.
  • The Original Series cast was replaced.
  • This is also the fifth season in total.