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The Magic School Bus: Pigs in the Wind is an episode of the first season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Its topic is about the wind.

Ms. Frizzle's outfit

Ms. Frizzle's dress has a brick pattern. The pendant on her necklace depicts a tree branch blowing in the wind.


The kids are getting ready to put on their school play: "The Three Little Pigs 2", which is a sequel to "The Three Little Pigs", in which the pigs own high-rises subject to be blown down by the wolf. Keesha is the director of the play, so she wants everything to be perfect: the lights, the costumes, and even the props. Ms. Frizzle checks on the kids to see how they are doing, and Keesha tells her the plot of the play. The kids start rehearsing the play. The pigs (Arnold, Carlos, and Wanda) are going into hiding from the Big Bad Wolf (Ralphie) in their super sturdy "Sty in the Sky" brick tower, but the Wolf comes and tries to blow it down, but he got dizzy and light-headed after blowing too much. Later, the police sent the wolf to a wildlife sanctuary and the play is over.

Soon, Janet comes in and disappoints Keesha with a bad scenery review and topples the Sty in the Sky over with one touch because it is made of lightweight, fake bricks. Keesha asks Janet if she expects them to use real bricks because they used real sticks and straw. Arnold tells the Friz that Janet owns a blog called "Theater Buzz", where she reviews plays online and any bad review could cut you down. Keesha then gets an idea to impress Janet: rebuild the Sty in the Sky—scientifically, by using real bricks that won't be toppled down. This triggers a field trip to an open field in Mount Washington, the perfect place to test a brick building.

Keesha, as the director, orders everyone to make the sty heavy so it won't topple over, but there's just one problem: there are no bricks on Mount Washington! Luckily, Ms. Frizzle turns the Bus into an Auto Brickinator, a machine that produces bricks. The class starts gathering the fresh bricks and begins building the new Sty in the Sky. Once the Sty is complete, the class tests the sty in harsh wind conditions by turning on the Bus' high-powered fan. But unfortunately, the Sty in the Sky topples down.

The class didn't like the fact that the sty fell down, but Ms. Frizzle loved it because they were doing what real engineers do—learn from their mistakes and try again. Tim suggests a new design for the sty and Arnold and the rest of the kids start giving Keesha ideas too, but she, as bossy as she is, refuses to use them because she is the director and she makes the rules. She suggests the sty should have the bricks stuck together with mortar to be very solid and rigid. Ms. Frizzle then turns the Bus into a mortar machine and the kids get to work. While they are building, the Friz tells the class that the Bus also has a shingle-spitter for the roof.

After all that hard work, the class is very tired. The Friz turns on the fan and tests the model. The building has improved since the model made of fake bricks and the previous prototype, and it's resisting the fan quite well, until the roof rattles. The Friz grabs some J99-17 Wind-D 3D goggles for the kids, which lets them see the air from the fan moving. The wind from over the roof is fast and the air inside is moving slow, which causes the roof to fly like an airplane and the building to topple down. Keesha wants to rebuild the building, but everyone gives up and goes back in the Bus.

Keesha is concerned about her crew, who did such a good job building the prototype buildings, but it's too late—the Bus starts spinning and heading for Walkerville. Keesha doesn't want to go home, so she presses a green button on the dashboard (which she presumes is the stop button), which slows down the Bus. With everything quiet, Keesha tells them that "The Three Little Pigs 2" was a story that her parents told her when she was little and that it means a lot to her. Soon, the Bus starts making a weird noise and Keesha might not have pressed the stop button—she used the Mesmerglober to turn the Bus into a tree—and everyone else except her gets rooted to the ground. Keesha doesn't like where this is going and tries to unroot the class, but the Bus' touchscreen dashboard plays keep-away with her finger. The Friz thinks it's not a bad idea to have the rest of the class rooted in the middle of a windy storm.

The class (sans Keesha) gets used to being trees and enjoys the breeze, while Keesha is fascinated at the fact that a tree's swaying motion does not tip it over. Keesha does not understand how trees are stronger than bricks, so she puts on her 3D glasses and views the wind blowing through the rest of the class. For an even closer look, Keesha and Ms. Frizzle become leaves and follow the wind as it blows through the sturdy trees. The class thinks that buildings should have "roots" as well, and Ms. Frizzle says that swaying through the wind is called aeroelasticity. Keesha then unroots the class, apologizes for being very bossy and not letting everyone share ideas, and everyone starts discussing about what will be the improved, aeroelastic, Sty in the Sky.

The show starts, and the Sty in the Sky is ready for action. Jyoti turns on the Bus' fan to simulate the wind, but the sty in the sky stayed sturdy and Janet was blown away! The play got one star because the special effects were too realistic.

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  • This is the second episode in which the class hosts a play. The first time was when they did "Jack and the Beanstalk" in Gets Planted. Coincidentally, both are based on classic folklore and fairytales.
    • Unlike Jack and the Beanstalk, the whole class does not act. Keesha directs, while most of the other students are part of the production crew and effects team.
  • The tie-in book is called Blowing in the Wind.
  • Keesha is the director, referencing "Gets Ants in Its Pants" when she directed the movie about ants, "A River Almost Ran Through It".
  • Arnold mentions that he is the third pig at one point. It is unknown which of the first two Carlos and Wanda are.
  • This episode reveals that Keesha has two lesbian mothers. At least that's what some viewers believe.
  • This marks the first appearance of Janet in this series.
  • One of the Bus's transformations in this episode is the steam shovel from the second book in the classic series, Inside the Earth, as an homage to the classic books.
    • Coincidentally, both are the second entries in their respective series.
  • It's revealed that Wanda is left-handed, being the third student shown to be left-handed.
  • This is the first episode with Annelise Forbes as Janet.