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Nothin' but Net is the fourth episode of the second season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. It is about the Internet.



  • Jyoti's maternal grandmother, Parīkṣā, made her speaking début and first appearance in this episode.
    • The word Jyoti used to refer to her, नानी (nānī), means "maternal grandmother" in Hindi.
  • The binary that Ms. Frizzle's Uncle ASCII said is transliterated into the ISO Basic Latin alphabet (ASCII) as "Yep".
  • "Uncle ASCII" is a reference to the ASCII, a character encoding standard for telecommunications that includes the basic numbers, punctuation, symbols, and the main 26 letters of the Latin alphab et.
  • In Gets Programmed, the original series episode on computers, all the characters that displayed on the computer were characters from the Greek & Coptic block in Unicode. In this episode, numbers are displayed, meaning that the characters shown in this episode are from Basic Latin.
  • Dorothy Ann mentions Unicode, a character encoding system for most of the world's writing and number systems, as well as symbols, dingbats, mathematical operators, Greek text, and emoji.