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The Frizzle class is the main and most recognizable class at Walkerville Elementary School. It is taught by the Frizzle siblings (depending on the series), and it has 8 in the original series or 20 students in the book series.

In the book series

In this canon, the class of 20 students is taught by Valerie Frizzle. It is located in Room 101[1] of Walkerville Elementary School. Phoebe still attends the school as of now in the books.


In the TV series

This iteration of the class is the most famous and notable, due to the popularity of the release of the original TV series. Since then, this class has been featured in the spin-off series books. It has eight members, nine if Phoebe is counted, and it is taught by Ms. Fiona Frizzle as of now.


  • In the Time of the Dinosaurs (book)
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