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"Sometimes, the best way to understand how things work is to look at them in a brand new way."
—in Kids in Space

Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle (also known as Ms. Frizzle or The Friz/Frizz) is a fifth-grade teacher at Walker Elementary School in the TV series. She is the younger sister and successor of Professor Valerie Frizzle.


Ms. Frizzle has the frizzy red hair that she is named for (albeit a darker shade of red compared to her sister) and green eyes. She wears fashionable flamboyant skirts that always reflect today's lesson - with anything from volcanoes to DNA to air currents to the number π. Instead of wearing light-up mood earrings, she wears different necklaces. The Friz always wears the same blue shirt and the same red ballet-flat shoes.

Descriptions of her various skirts and necklace pendants, as well as her special field trip suits, are shown on episode articles.


In many respects, Ms. Frizzle is excited about science. Always the fun-loving teacher, she likes to take the kids on field trips on the Bus. She always has a sense of humor, according to Ralphie. She is very fond of the Bus' features and its remote, and she would shrink the class or transform them into animals or plants whenever she wants (hence her catchphrase, "Let's be what we see!"). She is also very athletic, and she can do many stunts such as flips and turns in the air. She is knowledgeable in science and mathematics, and always knows her stuff when the class is on a field trip. When one student asks what species s/he has turned into or what a certain microorganism is, she provides a correct answer. Even though Arnold says that the Frizzles know all, she still, deep down, never hesitates to experience things close up. The episode "The Frizz Connection" reveals more of her character, due to the fact that she split into three distinct parts reflecting her personality. She can understand body language quite well, so well that she can be considered by some to have psychic abilities, as shown in "Tim and the Talking Trees" and "Kids in Space". During the latter episode, it was revealed that she is a former astronaut, as she has had many friends during a previous trip to the International Space Station, before she started teaching. During the trip, she accidentally let out a horde of beetles that destroyed the station's life support, which, as a running gag in the episode, appear during the kids' trip. In "Ralphie and the Flying Tennellis", she has been in the circus with Ralphie's famous trapeze-artist relatives, where she used to tame lions and fly on a trapeze. She received the stage name "Fearless Fiona".

Powers and abilities

  • Separation and fusion: Since the events of "The Frizz Connection", she is able to separate and combine herself at will into her three selves, known as the Frizzle Fragments.
  • Mind reading: She can summarize the events of what happened to the students when she wasn't there with them, even when she is asleep. (Kids in Space, Tim and the Talking Trees)


  • It is implied that Murph might have been the design basis for her.
  • She used to be in the circus.
  • She has a crew of astronauts, one of the notable members being Chris Hadfield (even though he is a former astronaut in real life).
  • She is voiced by Kate McKinnon (SNL).
  • She and the class have supposedly met prior to "Frizzle of the Future". It's likely that Professor Frizzle introduced her to her before she tells the kids she's retiring, which was foreshadowed/teased in "Works Out".
  • Her shoes don't have decorations like her sister does.
  • After the events of "The Frizz Connection", in the Producer Segment, it is revealed that she is able to split herself into Frizzle Fragments and join herself at will. Her fragments were the "producers" in the Producer Segment.
  • She and the Professor are the third and fourth major characters revealed to have cousins (Murph, Björn Frizzelsen, and Maven, to name a few), the first and second being Arnold (Janet) and Ralphie (Tony, Tina, Teressina).
  • In March of 2021, during the second hiatus of the television saga, she has been highly criticized on Twitter for her appearance in Season 1 and the first 13 episodes of Season 2, noting that she bears little resemblance to her sister.
    • This is similar to the backlash that happened during the series' release.