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Ralphie Strikes a Nerve Monster Power DA and the Deep Blue Sea

"Water go for a ride?"
Ms. Frizzle

The Magic School Bus: Monster Power is an episode of the first season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again.



  • Many scenes in the Rides Again theme song are ripped directly from this episode, hinting that it might be first in the series' production order.
    • Well, in reality, it's actually the second episode in production order.[1]
  • The end credits focuses on Arnold for this episode.
  • The Bus's appearance as a boat in this episode appears on the cover for the 2021 region-1 DVD set for Season 1.
  • Merrill Hagan will later write The Frizz Connection.
  • Stills and screenshots are shown from this episode in the credits of the three specials of Season 2, along with For Lunch, Gets Lost in Space, The Frizz Connection, Carlos Gets the Sneezes, Kids in Space, and In the Zone. The only difference for Monster Power's scenes is that Ms. Frizzle is wearing her air currents dress from The Frizz Connection, and not the renewable energy dress from this episode.
  • Arnold’s house is seen for the second time. It was seen previously in a flashback in Goes Cellular.
  • In this episode, Keesha owns a bicycle.