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"Make way for the Mikey Express!"
—in The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi

Mikey Ramón is Carlos' younger brother. He's a mechanical and computer whiz. He's kind, helpful, resourceful and intelligent. At first, in Getting Energized, the class doesn't want his help to get the Ferris wheel working, due to an incident that involved a field trip through his marshmallow roaster, the Sear 'Em and Sizzle 'Em (which resulted in a heat rash on Dorothy Ann), but they agree to his help in desperation. He ends up saving the day and gets the Ferris wheel to work. He returns in Gets Programmed and helps set up Mr. Ruhle's brand new computer, programming it to open the school for them. While he's inside the machine, taking a tour, things go wrong, and the class has to go in after him. In The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi, after a season-long absence, he meets Jyoti and joins the class on a field trip to Ralphie's father's pasta display, where he competes against Carlos to race to the top of the spaghetti mountain and find the "gold", a giant (to the shrunken class) cannoli.


  • Mr. Ramon (father)
  • Mrs. Ramon (mother)
  • John Roman (brother)
  • Carlos Ramon (brother)


  • He is shown to bilingual in Gets Programmed, when he enters, he says "¡Finido, amigos!" is in Spanish.
  • When he was shrunk along with the other students, he has taken a disliking to Ralphie's dog, Noodles (The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi)

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