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Liz Ard (In a Pickle) or Liz the (Green) Lizard (descriptive audio dub) is the anthropomorphic pet lizard of the Frizzles and the producer. She is one of the mascots of the Magic School Bus franchise along with the Bus and the Frizzles. In the video game series, she is able to talk and is voiced by Catherine Thompson.

In Explores Human Evolution, her family tree is shown on the title page. She is the daughter of Rep and Tile Ard, and the cousin of Gnat. However, the canonicity of this is only in the original canon (the book series).

Physical Appearance

Liz is an anthropomorphic Jackson's chameleon with blue eyes and striped horns. She is mostly light green with a dark green belly. Her back and tail are lined with spiked protrusions. Being anthropomorphic, she has a few humanlike features, such as humanlike eyes and limbs. She, like her human friends, also wears special space suits or scuba gear.


Liz is shown to be very helpful to her human friends, and she serves as the driver of the Bus when one of the Frizzles are absent. Liz really likes to transform or shrink the Bus, and she does so when she is instructed to "hit it". She understands human speech, but cannot canonically speak, instead pantomiming to communicate (as seen in "The Busasaurus"). She is very friendly, and she is shown to be great friends with anyone, natural and artificial, as seen in "Three in One" when she befriended Jyoti's robot, Naniben.

International Names

Language International name Origin Notes
English and others Liz From Elizabeth (short form of Liz) and lizard Used in Arabic (Rides Again and the Netflix dub for Season 1 of The Magic School Bus), Polish, Hungarian, Thai, etc.
Latin American Spanish Lak From lagarto (lizard) Similar to English, because it comes from the word for "lizard".
French (NOA) Lise From Elisabeth and lézard (lizard) Similar to English name
Russian Лиз (Liz)[1] From Elizabeth (written as Элизабет) and lizard English name written in Cyrillic letters
Hebrew ליז (Liz/Lyz)[2] From Elizabeth (written as אליזבת) and lizard English name written in Jewish letters
Japanese リズ (Rizu)[3] From Elizabeth (written as エリザベス/Erizabesu), and lizard English name written in katakana
Arabic (Original Series, Non-Netflix Dub) لين (Leen)


  • She is the most seen class pet. Other pets are the hamster from "Hops Home" and "In a Pickle", and Ratney, who is owned by Carlos. Liz is the only class pet not to be a rodent.
  • In the Original Series episode, "In a Pickle", her surname is mentioned to be Ard, because her first name is Liz. (Together these syllables form the word "lizard", her species).
  • Although she is mute, she has a "voice" in the Arabic dub of the original series[4]. In this dub, she is heard making squeals sometimes.
  • Her eyes are humanlike in the The Magic School Bus TV series and The Magic School Bus Rides Again, showing her anthropomorphic characteristics, but in the book series, her eyes are akin to a chameleon's.
  • Even though she is a male Jackson's chameleon (females don't have horns on their heads), she goes by feminine pronouns. (the horns might be fake)
  • In the books, she is shown to like electrical appliances. (The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip, The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge)
  • She likes to eat bugs of any kind, but when she is shrunk along with the rest of the class, she develops a fear of insects.
  • She is seen in every "Producer Says" segment in the original series. The only one she appeared in in Rides Again was the first episode of its third season, "Kids in Space". In previous Rides Again episodes, Prof. Frizzle's pet monkey, Goldie, replaced her in the segments.
  • She was the first character to appear onscreen in the 1994 series' airing order. Going by production order, it would be Wanda, Carlos, and Tim, since "Gets Ants in Its Pants" (MSB-07 or Season 1, Episode 12 of the Original Series) was the first episode ever made (although Gets Lost in Space's Nelvana code is MSB-01 and the first episode on Netflix and PBS)
  • Even though Liz is a chameleon, she only changed colors once ("Hides and Seeks").



* Début | ** Briefly | --- Formerly | ^ In the books only
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