First Appearance The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (1986)
Catchphrase None
Personality Mute, friendly, helpful, loyal
Family Valerie Frizzle (former owner)
Fiona Frizzle (current owner)
Elizabeth Savannah "Liz" or "Lizzy" Frizzle is Ms. Frizzle's pet lizard, who is seen in a lot of episodes and has even been the focus in a few of them.


  • She talks in three of the CD-ROMs, despite her inability to do so in the books and television series.
  • She is the most seen pet.
  • In "In a Pickle", her name is mentioned to be "The Honorable Liz Ard".
  • Also in "In a Pickle", her eyes are blue.
  • In "Taking Flight", "Cold Feet" and "Spins a Web", the class refers to her as a female.
  • She was the main focus of the episode "Cold Feet".
  • She is shown to know how to operate the bus' ignition key in "Revving Up".
  • She would usually appear during the fictional call-in segment.
  • She has horns, despite being a female Jackson's Chameleon, which do not have any.
  • She likes to eat bugs of any kind, but when she is shrunk along with the rest of the class, she develops a fear of insects.
  • She is seen in every "Producer Says" segment in the original series.
  • She makes a weird face in "Gets Swamped".
  • She was the first character to appear onscreen in the series.


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