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Just as with the books, each episode of The Magic School Bus series is centered around a particular science topic.

Below is the list of each episode of The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again by its topic, identified according to its official name as recognized by press media, official activity guides, tie-in books, production information, the Producer segments, and home video releases. Topics are sorted alphabetically, as in the leaflet for The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series.

List of topics[]

Topic (name on The Complete Series for MSB episodes) Episode Episode number (aired order) Production code

(minus MSB-)

Other topic names
Aeroelasticity Pigs in the Wind RA S01 E02 105 Wind (Qubo)
Air Currents The Frizz Connection RA S03 E02 202
Air Pressure Goes on Air MSB S04 E04 042
Allergies Carlos Gets the Sneezes RA S01 E06 103
Ants Gets Ants in Its Pants MSB S01 E12 007
Archaeology Shows and Tells MSB S03 E06 032
Astronauts Kids in Space RA S03 E01 201
Bats Going Batty MSB S02 E04 022
Birds Claw and Order RA S02 E02 115
Body Mechanics Flexes Its Muscles MSB S02 E02 015
Butterflies Butterfly and the Bog Beast MSB S02 E05 016 Butterfly Camouflage (tie-in book)
Camouflage and Mimicry Hides and Seeks RA S01 E07 104
Cells Goes Cellular MSB S04 E06 045
Circulation Works Out MSB S03 E09 035
Circus Math Ralphie and the Flying Tennellis RA S02 E09 122
City Critters In the City MSB S04 E12 051 Urban Wildlife (Discovery Education)

Critters (The Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk reverse cover)

Clouds Send In the Clouds RA S02 E08 121
Color Makes a Rainbow MSB S03 E07 033 Rainbows (VHS)
Computers Gets Programmed MSB S04 E11 052
Coral Reefs Takes a Dive MSB S04 E13 050 Symbiosis (Discovery Education)
Decomposition Meets the Rot Squad MSB S01 E06 011
Desert Adaptation All Dried Up MSB S01 E07 013
Digestion For Lunch MSB S01 E02 010
Dinosaurs The Busasaurus MSB S02 E03 017
Ecosystems Frizzle of the Future RA S01 E01 113
Eggs Cracks a Yolk MSB S04 E02 040
Electricity Gets Charged MSB S04 E10 048
Energy Getting Energized MSB S02 E10 023
Engineering Ready, Set, Fail! RA S02 E06 120
Engines Revving Up MSB S02 E08 020
Farming Ghost Farm RA S02 E03 116
Fish In the Swim RA S01 E03 101
Flight Taking Flight MSB S02 E09 021
Floating and Sinking Ups and Downs MSB S02 E13 026
The Food Chain Gets Eaten MSB S01 E04 002 Food Chains (VHS/tie-in book)
Forces Plays Ball MSB S01 E10 003 Forces and Motion (VHS)
Germs Inside Ralphie MSB S01 E03 012 Human Health (VHS)
Gravity Gains Weight MSB S04 E08 047
Habitat Hops Home MSB S01 E05 008
Heat In the Arctic MSB S03 E02 027 Arctic (producer segment)
Honeybees In a Beehive MSB S03 E01 030 Bees (VHS/producer segment)
The Internet Nothin' but Net RA S02 E04 117
Kitchen Chemistry Gets Ready, Set, Dough MSB S01 E09 004 Chemistry (producer segment)
Light Gets a Bright Idea MSB S03 E05 031
Microbes In a Pickle MSB S02 E07 019
Migration Goes Upstream MSB S03 E08 034 Salmon (producer segment)

Salmon Migration (tie-in book)

Molecules Meets Molly Cule MSB S04 E01 045
Photosynthesis Gets Planted MSB S03 E10 037 Plants (VHS/producer segment)
Rainforest Ecology In the Rainforest MSB S03 E11 038 Rain Forest Ecology (when the episode is referred to as “In the Rain Forest”)
Recycling Holiday Special MSB S03 E13 036
Seeds Goes to Seed MSB S01 E11 006 How Living Things Grow (tie-in book)
Smell Makes a Stink MSB S04 E09 049
The Solar System Gets Lost in Space MSB S01 E01 001
Sound In the Haunted House MSB S01 E08 009
Space Rocks Out of This World MSB S02 E11 024 Meteors and Asteroids (producer segment)
Speed Goldstealer RA S03 E04 203
Spiders Spins a Web MSB S03 E03 028
Stars Sees Stars MSB S04 E07 046
Structures Under Construction MSB S03 E04 029
Tidal Zones Goes to Mussel Beach MSB S04 E03 041