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The following is the list of episodes for both television series across all six total seasons.

The Magic School Bus

Overview of the series

Season Episodes First episode released Last or latest episode released First episode (episodic order) Last episode (episodic order)
1 13 September 10, 1994 with "Gets Lost in Space" December 3, 1994 with "Kicks Up a Storm" Gets Lost in Space Kicks Up a Storm
2 13 September 9, 1995 with "Blows Its Top" December 2, 1995 with "Ups and Downs" Blows Its Top Ups and Downs
3 13 September 14, 1996 with "In a Beehive" December 25, 1996 with the holiday special and its behind-the-scenes featurette In the Arctic Rocks and Rolls
4 13 September 13, 1997 with "Meets Molly Cule" December 6, 1997 with "Takes a Dive" Cracks a Yolk Gets Programmed

Season 1 (September 10, 1994)

Title Card Title Total Episode Number Production Number U.S. Airdate
MSB01.png "Gets Lost in Space"
The Solar System
1 1 MSB-01 September 10, 1994
Janet visits the class and joins them on a field trip to the planetarium. The planetarium is closed, so Arnold suggests outer space. When the kids reach the asteroid belt after visiting the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, the Bus's roof gets hit by an asteroid, causing the GPS to break. Ms. Frizzle gets lost in space, so Janet uses her knowledge of the solar system to find Ms. Frizzle, who happens to be on the future dwarf planet Pluto.
MSB02.png "For Lunch"
2 2 MSB-10 September 17, 1994
Arnold is breaking the school gum-chewing record so he win Wanda a ticket to her favorite digestion-themed amusement park, Action Mountain. He accidentally swallows the gum, upsetting Wanda. Ms. Frizzle plans a field trip to someone's digestive system, and Arnold volunteers to be the field trip. Inside Arnold's small intestine, Wanda rides Arnold's wad of gum into his colon, where she stops, calling Arnold's digestive system the best ride in the world. Since the kids don't want to be pooped out of Arnold, they return home by traveling through his digestive system backwards.
MSB03.png "Inside Ralphie"
3 3 MSB-12 September 24, 1994
Ralphie is supposed to be giving the kids a topic for the school's broadcast day, but he's sick with a fever and strep throat. Ms. Frizzle says that if Ralphie can't come to school, school can come to him, so they drive to Ralphie's house and set up the news equipment. Ms. Frizzle tells Ralphie that he needs to take it easy because he's sick, prompting Ralphie to have the broadcast be about health. The kids drive through his bloodstream.
MSB04.png "Gets Eaten"
The Food Chain
4 4 MSB-02 October 1, 1994
Arnold and Keesha were supposed to bring in something for a report on two beach-related things that go together, but they forget. Arnold stepped into the pond near his house on the way to school, causing his shoe to be covered with algæ. Keesha brought her lunch, a tuna fish sandwich. Ms. Frizzle says that they do go together, and she teaches them about the food chain on the field trip to the beach that she planned.
MSB05.png "Hops Home"
5 5 MSB-08 October 8, 1994
Wanda brings her pet bullfrog, Bella, to school, and sets up a habitat for her. Arnold accidentally lets Bella jump out of a window, so Wanda and the kids search for her by turning the Bus into a frog. They eventually find her, where Wanda bids her farewell.
MSB06.png "Meets the Rot Squad"
6 6 MSB-11 October 15, 1994
Wanda wins a baby tree as a prize for the class "rot contest". Wanda decides to plant the tree near a rotten log in an old lot where she lives on Decatur Road. On the way to the lot, the kids think about building a theme park or a restaurant in honor of the tree, but Arnold suggests they leave the lot the way it is. Wanda sets the tree near the log and calls a log-removal service. Later, the kids explore the inside of a rotten log in the lot, where they learn about nature's response to rot. Wanda is worried that the log removal might come, so she dresses up as a "log gremlin" and convinces him not to remove the log.
MSB07.png "All Dried Up"
Desert Adaptation
7 7 MSB-13 October 22, 1994
Ms. Frizzle suggests a desert field trip, for which Arnold is prepared with a "field trip survival guide". At the desert, Phoebe forms "S.A.D.S" (Students Against Desert Scarcity) and offers to save the animals. The kids discover that they don't need any help at all, because they have adaptations to help them live in the desert.
MSB08.png "In the Haunted House"
8 8 MSB-09 October 29, 1994
The kids are performing the William Tell Overture at the Sound Museum, and Carlos has invented an instrument to play. Needing more time to perfect it, the kids spend the night at the haunted house (which is the museum).
MSB09.png "Gets Ready, Set, Dough"
Kitchen Chemistry
9 9 MSB-04 November 5, 1994
The class is learning about chemistry, and what a better time than Ms. Frizzle's birthday to learn about it. The kids are going on a field trip to the bakery to bake a cake for the Frizz, but the Magic School Bus malfunctions, causing the class to shrink. So, they bake the cake at their new size, eventually getting baked in it. When the Bus is fixed, the class has their party, and Ms. Frizzle eats the piece of the cake that the students were baked in. Note: Due to the fact that the birthday song is infamously copyrighted, insert songs include "Hail to the Chief" and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".
MSB10.png "Plays Ball"
10 10 MSB-03 November 12, 1994
Ms. Frizzle shrinks the Bus inside one of Dorothy Ann's textbooks, about what a world would be like without friction. They play baseball in it, but everything goes haywire. When the class escapes, the cover smashes into the Bus and everyone gets stuck, having to push the book open at their small size.
MSB10.png "Goes to Seed"
11 11 MSB-06 November 19, 1994
The kids go to Phoebe's old school to bring one of Phoebe's plants from her old garden into Ms. Frizzle's garden, because they are taking a photo for the Plant It magazine. They travel in the Bus, which has become a ladybug beetle. Now small enough to fit in a flower, Phoebe is worried that Mr. Seedplot, her old teacher, might notice her at such a small size.
MSB12.png "Gets Ants in Its Pants"
12 12 MSB-07 November 26, 1994
After Keesha brings an ant into the classroom, she and Liz decide to direct a movie about ants for the school science fair. But there's one problem: she lost the ant she found.
MSB13.png "Kicks Up a Storm"
13 13 MSB-05 December 3, 1994
Ralphie, in his superhero alter-ego, Weatherman, transforms the Magic School Bus into a Weathermobile (a vehicle with atmokinesis) and takes the rest of his classmates on a field trip through the atmosphere as they learn about weather, where he uses the Bus to create a thunderstorm. After he makes a thunderstorm and triggers the Shrinkerscope, the kids land in Carlos's rain-gauge back at school. Note: "Send in the Clouds" references this episode when the Shrinkerscope is activated during a thunderstorm.

Season 2 (1995)

Title Card Title Total Episode Number Production Number Airdate
MSB14.png "Blows Its Top"
14 1 MSB-14 September 9, 1995
Dorothy Ann and Carlos want to be the first to discover a brand new island. They travel on the Bus to the open sea, but Dorothy Ann drops her waterproof bookbag underwater. The kids (minus Carlos and Arnold, who are in a raft with oars) dive underwater to find the books, but eventually, Carlos fishes out the book bag with his oar and reads one of the books to Arnold. The other kids erupt out of a volcano and Liz is catapulted to the new island formed from the lava.
MSB15.png "Flexes Its Muscles"
Body Mechanics
15 2 MSB-15 September 16, 1995
Ralphie decides to build a robot that will do all of his chores while Ms. Frizzle and her mechanic fix the Magic School Bus.
MSB18.png "Butterfly and the Bog Beast"
16 3 MSB-16 October 7, 1995
Walkerville needs a new mascot, but nobody can think of ideas. Phoebe suggests the Walkerville Butterflies, and Janet suggests the Walkerville Bog Beasts. Ms. Frizzle takes the kids to the swamp to find a bog beast, but Janet and Liz try to search for a butterfly to feed the "bog beast". In an attempt to shrink Janet, Phoebe accidentally shrinks herself and everyone else. At this size, they learn about butterflies (even turning the Bus into one) and how great they are. They decide on butterflies for the mascot.
MSB16.png "The Busasaurus"
17 4 MSB-17 September 23, 1995
Arnold and Keesha were supposed to bring in something for a report on two beach-related things that go together, but they forget. Arnold stepped into the pond near his house on the way to school, causing his shoe to be covered with algæ. Keesha brought her lunch, a tuna fish sandwich. Ms. Frizzle says that they do go together, and she teaches them about the food chain on the field trip to the beach that she planned.
MSB19.png "Wet All Over"
18 5 MSB-18 October 14, 1995
Based on Book 1. When the sink is accidentally left on in the women’s restroom at Walkerville Elementary during a field trip through the water cycle, Arnold guides everyone through the waterworks to get to the school in order to shut it off. Note: The seventh-grader, Tiffany, who appeared in the source material, is given her name.
MSB20.png "In a Pickle"
19 6 MSB-19 October 21, 1995
When Keesha notices that her cucumber has been pickled, she accuses Ms. Frizzle for stealing it. Ms. Frizzle says that microbes were the cause of this. To see about that, the now-shrunken students explore the classroom and meet the microbes there, eventually falling into Keesha's pickle jar.
MSB21.png "Revving Up"
20 7 MSB-20 October 28, 1995
The Magic School Bus is being inspected by the vehicle maintenance inspector, Junkett, who inadvertently and unknowingly puts his peanut butter sandwich in the Bus's engine.
MSB22.png "Taking Flight"
21 8 MSB-21 November 4, 1995
It's the day of the annual Walkerville Model Airplane Show, and Tim and Wanda have built an RC plane that is sure to win. To test the plane, Phoebe shrinks the students down to fit into the plane and controls the remote with Tim, Liz, and the Bus. When they accidentally drop the remote, they struggle to turn the Bus into an airplane that can fly to save them. When it comes time for the Model Plane Show, the students learn to control the plane by leaving Arnold to ride the tail and lift the elevators and rudder, and the other students to use pedals that Ms. Frizzle hooked to the propeller to turn it. Wanda and Tim eventually win the show, and the Bus turns into a huge Spruce Goose plane that's big enough for the shrunken students to land on.
MSB17.png "Going Batty"
22 9 MSB-22 September 30, 1995
Ralphie is convinced that Ms. Frizzle is a vampire, so he takes the wheel of the Bus during a parent-teacher conference (which takes place at an old castle) and turns the Bus into a bat. The kids learn about bats up close and personal. On the way back to the castle, he turns the humans into bats.
MSB23.png "Getting Energized"
23 10 MSB-23 November 11, 1995
The kids learn about alternative energy sources when the wire to plug in a Ferris wheel shorts out. Carlos's brother Mikey joins the students.
MSB24.png "Out of This World"
Space Rocks
24 11 MSB-24 November 18, 1995
Dorothy Ann notices that an asteroid is going to crash into the school, so she convinces Ms. Frizzle to take her on a field trip to the asteroid and change its path. They send it flying into the Sun.
MSB25.png "Cold Feet"
25 12 MSB-25 November 25, 1995
After the class notices that Liz is missing, Arnold tells everyone that she went to Harry Herpst's Happy Herp Haven. They drive there and notice a woman asking for her turtle to be "toasted and stuffed". Thinking this is a place of abuse and torture, the kids try to enter the building, but to enter the haven, you must have a reptile with you. Dorothy Ann and Phoebe offer to turn the Bus into an alligator-shaped Trojan horse they call "the Busigator". They find Liz hibernating in the "quiet room", a cool, crisp, relaxing area.
MSB26.png "Ups and Downs"
Floating and Sinking
26 13 MSB-26 December 2, 1995
It's the weekend, and Wanda wants to be the first to be the first to come in contact with a supposed plesiosaur-like monster in Walkerville Lake, but to her surprise, her classmates, Ms. Frizzle, Liz, and the Bus beat her to it. To find out if the monster is really real, the students try to make the Bus (in the form of a boat) sink so they can see the monster. After Gerri Poveri, the news reporter who told the story about the monster (who is rich enough to own a submarine) dives down to the monster in her submarine, and several attempts to get the Bus underwater, Wanda learns that the monster was fake just to boost Poveri's ratings.

Season 3 (1996)

Title Card Title Total Number Episode Number Production Number Original Airdate (PBS)
MSB28.png "In the Arctic"
27 1 MSB-27 September 21, 1996
When the Magic School Bus's engine freezes on a field trip to the Arctic, it gets trapped on an ice flow with Phoebe, Ralphie and Liz stuck inside. The kids learn many ways to try and save the Bus and fix its engine so it can run again.
MSB29.png "Spins a Web"
28 2 MSB-28 September 28, 1996
The Bus materializes itself into a 1953 black-and-white horror movie, titled Stand by Your Mantis (an amalgamation of Godzilla and Airplane), where they meet the character General Araneus and the main villain, a giant praying mantis. When General Araneus presses the wrong button on the Bus's dashboard, the Friz and the students are shrunk and catapulted back into real life, where they land in a spider web. They learn how spiders trap their prey. Liz and the Bus are stuck in the black-and-white world with Araneus, who makes Liz bait for the praying mantis. Desperate to save their pet, the kids must trap the general - the way spiders do.
MSB29.png "Under Construction"
29 3 MSB-29 October 5, 1996
Thinking it's a toy, Wanda's brother, William, uses the Portashrinker to shrink the class and lock the students in Wanda's bathroom. To get out of the bathroom and get big again, the kids must use bathroom materials to build their way out, but there's an alligator in the bathtub! Note: William reappears in "The Magnetic Mambo". Also, the Bus does not transform in this episode.
MSB27.png "In a Beehive"
30 4 MSB-30 September 14, 1996
Tim and Wanda are selling honey from the former's grandfather's apiary. When all of the honey falls down the drain, he convinces Ms. Frizzle to take the Magic School Bus to the apiary to get more honey, but instead, she takes them to a wild beehive. Then the kids are transformed into anthropomorphic honeybees and make honey themselves. Note: A flashback to Goes to Seed happens during Keesha's imagine spot.
MSB30.png "Gets a Bright Idea"
31 5 MSB-31 October 12, 1996
Keesha organizes an all-school field trip to a light show at Walkerville's old theater, but Janet suggests a magic show, and claims that there's a ghost in the theater. Then Arnold goes missing, and a search for Arnold happens at the old theater. The kids see Arnold's "ghost" and get scared. Later, they find out that Janet is using Pepper's Ghost to simulate the effect that Arnold is a ghost, and Keesha uses it on herself to scare Janet.
MSB32.png "Shows and Tells"
32 6 MSB-32 October 19, 1996
Arnold is representing Walkerville at the Show-and-Tell Competition, and he brings in a webbed hoop, but he doesn't know what it is. While he and Liz stay behind, Ms. Frizzle goes to the Bus and activates the Supposatron (which turns it into a giant laboratory). On the Bus, the kids are catapulted into computer simulations based on their hypotheses about the hoop, and they learn that the hoop was meant to be a game about hoops and arrows. Arnold wins the competition.
MSB33.png "Makes a Rainbow"
33 7 MSB-33 October 26, 1996
Ms. Frizzle and Liz have built a pinball machine powered by laser light. To beat the game, one must split the light through a prism and try to fill sensors that sense colors of the rainbow, and all colors must be filled. But Ms. Frizzle had a bet with the principal, Mr. Ruhle, and if she lost the game, Mr. Ruhle would get to keep it. Desperate for help, Ms. Frizzle guides the kids (sans Arnold who stays behind to stall Mr. Ruhle) to the Bus. Then they shrink, pass through the glass window of the pinball machine, and play the game. Ms. Frizzle wins the game, but Mr. Ruhle could play it whenever he wants.
MSB34.png "Goes Upstream"
34 7 MSB-34 November 2, 1996
Ralphie wants to serve salmon at the school fish-fry, so they fish at the spot that he and his uncle like to fish in. When Ralphie throws his fishing line in the water, all he catches is Ms. Frizzle, who's been testing out a flipper prototype for the students' wetsuits. Ralphie wants to know where the salmon went, so Ms. Frizzle turns the Bus into a salmon (it shrinks as well), and follows the salmon with the help of a MicroBus Windows Pisces 95 (a parody of Microsoft Windows 95) software disc, which gives it a "brain" like a salmon.
MSB35.png "Works Out"
35 8 MSB-35 November 9, 1996
Ms. Frizzle, coached by Ralphie, is up against gym teacher Mr. Sinew, coached by Janet, in the Teacherathlon, a triathlon for the staff at Walkerville. The kids shrink and travel into Ms. Frizzle's respiratory and circulatory systems, and even to her leg muscles to find out what breathing has to do with the musculoskeletal workings and circulation.
MSB39.jpg "Holiday Special"
36 9 MSB-36 December 25, 1996
Ms. Frizzle and the students visit the former's first cousin, Katrina Eloise Murphy's recycling plant; Malcolm-Jamal Warner and the rest of the cast and crew give the viewers a tour of the making of the original series.
MSB36.png "Gets Planted"
37 10 MSB-37 November 16, 1996
The class is putting on a play of Jack and the Beanstalk (which fits into what they are learning). Phoebe, as the prop maker, is tasked with designing the titular enchanted beanstalk, but two of her attempts have failed: planting a bean (the sprout never grew) and making one out of cardboard and tape. Then Liz uses the Bus's instruments to modify Phoebe into a beanstalk, allowing her to "star" as the plant, but Phoebe is too nervous to be on stage (as she has never been on stage before, and she is normally the prop maker) and can't grow. Desperate to learn how plants grow, the kids take a field trip inside an already-grown plant and they learn that they make their own food. Phoebe then makes her own food and grows, and the class puts on the play.
MSB37.png "In the Rainforest"
Rain Forest Ecology
38 11 MSB-38 November 16, 1996
Ms. Frizzle's present for Earth Day is a cocoa-bean shipment from her very own Amazonian cocoa tree at the Rainforest Rentals Catalog. When only one cocoa bean arrives, the kids go to the Rainforest and meet the Rainforest Inspector 47, a bossy Frenchman who just wants a clean patch of the rainforest without mud and animals. Dorothy Ann and Tim, as Rainforest Investigators, try to crack the case, and find out it was all because the inspector had covered the Amazon with artificial turf so he could save his dry-cleaning bill.

Season 4 (1997)

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