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Jyoti Kaur is a character featured on Netflix's The Magic School Bus Rides Again. She debuts in the first episode of the reboot. Jyoti is voiced by Birva Pandya.


Jyoti is a new student in Ms. Frizzle's science class and replaced Phoebe, who went back to her old school. Arnold tells her about how the class has an ecosystem and that nothing should change, except her. Jyoti is delighted after she hears stories of their famous- or, for Arnold, "infamous"- field trips. Arnold offers Jyoti Phoebe's old seat, revealing that she went back to her old school.

Soon they hear someone sliding down a rope and instead of Ms. Frizzle, appears a talkative red-haired woman who reveals herself to be Ms. Frizzle's sister, Ms. Frizzle.


Jyoti has her dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, wears a magenta hairband, gold hoop earrings, a lavender and indigo shirt, black shorts, cream socks, and purple and white sneakers.

Her signature colours are indigo and magenta.


  • She has a strong interest and talent in the fields of technology and engineering.