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"Who's ready to see Maven in concert?"
—Jyoti in “In the Zone

Jyoti Kaur (Devanagari: ज्योति कौर, Gujarati: જ્યોતિ કૌર, Romanization: Jyoti Kaur) is one of the eight students in Ms. Frizzle's class. In the English version of The Magic School Bus Rides Again, she is voiced by Birva Pandya.

As the technology expert in Ms. Frizzle's class, Jyoti is always inventing all sorts of devices and gadgets, such as a special motion sensor for a crazy-growing plant (“Frizzle of the Future”, a hands-free umbrella (“Send in the Clouds”), and even a holographic version of herself (“Nothin' but Net”). Even though she is very optimistic and excited about almost anything, she tends to get aggressive sometimes, like Wanda. Outside the field of computer science, she happens to be skilled in a lot of sports, including baseball, congressional football (soccer), and martial arts, specifically judo (The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Meet the Class). She has a strong bond with her robotic “sister”, Naniben, whom she built for a Gizmos that Go contest prior to “Three in One”. Jyoti does show strong empathy towards her teacher and her other classmates, shown in episodes such as “Nothin’ but Net” when she accidentally uses the Bus to email Arnold instead of her hologram to her grandmother for her birthday, and in “Ready, Set, Fail!”, when she created a plan for Ralphie, the “star player”, to help the school baseball team win a game. Like Keesha, Jyoti sometimes acts as the control freak.



Jyoti is of Indian descent. She has tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair worn in a side braid, or a braided ponytail if she is wearing a space outfit or in the form of Mighty Inferno. Much like the other students, she was given a slight redesign for the “CGI era”, where her skin has become quite darker compared to her original appearance. She also received some minor changes regarding her facial features to make them more distinctive from the other classmates.


The Magic School Bus Rides Again

For her default outfit, Jyoti wears a short-sleeved, hoodless, zippered sweater, whose color scheme (indigo, magenta, and fuchsia) serves as her signature palette for her MSB-branded gear. She has black shorts, manila socks, and violet/white sneakers for her legwear and footwear.

In the TV series

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Season 1

Jyoti, Keesha, and the Magic School Bus in "Space Mission: Selfie"

Jyoti is new to Ms. Frizzle’s class, as Phoebe went back to her old school sometime prior to “Frizzle of the Future”. In this episode, Jyoti joins the class on the first trip of the school year to the Galápagos Islands and stops an invasive plant species from growing all over the place. In “Three in One”, she brings her robot friend, Naniben, to school to help for the next Gizmos-that-Go competition. When DA loses Jyoti’s waterproof smart-locket in the ocean in “DA and the Deep Blue Sea”, the kids dive underwater to get it back. In “Space Mission: Selfie”, Jyoti offered to use her green-screen app to take Keesha’s picture for Astronaut Camp “in space”, but when Ms. Frizzle escorts the kids to the Magic School Bus to fix some satellites, they end up taking the picture in real space. In “Hides and Seeks”, Jyoti stayed at Walker Elementary to participate in Ultimate Hide and Seek with Ralphie and Tim while Dorothy Ann, Carlos, Arnold, Wanda, and Keesha. explore and observe a rainforest and the depths of the ocean to give them ideas on how to master camouflage. Jyoti eventually gets kicked out of the game during the second round, but she stays behind, utilizing advice given to her by the Bus’s passengers to help Tim and Ralphie.

Season 2

Jyoti showing Tim how the FrizPad connects to IttyB, the Bus Drone ("Kids in Space").

In “Nothin’ but Net”, Jyoti wants to send a holographic version of herself to her grandmother's email, but instead, Arnold scans himself via the Bus’s Super Scanner into the Internet, so she sends the other kids including herself to rescue him. Jyoti invents an Autobrella in “Send in the Clouds”, an umbrella connected to a backpack that is ideal for people with their hands full. In “Making Magic”, she joins the class and Mr. Ruhle (who thinks it is a simulation) on a trip to the Sun to recharge the Bus’s battery. After the trip, she calls Professor Frizzle for further knowledge about the Sun. She asks the Professor when she will be returning to Walkerville to visit her and her classmates.

In “Kids in Space”, Jyoti joins her teacher and class on their field trip to the International Space Station, where they encounter Pinky, a tardigrade whom Ralphie accidentally turns into a mutant monster via the Bus Remote. Jyoti is the flight engineer on the Station and controls Itty-B, a special drone connected to and shaped like the Bus who can project images to the FrizPad. While celebrating Arnold's eleventh birthday at the Balloon Festival in “The Frizz Connection”, Jyoti falls victim to the lightning, which separates her from the rest of the class. She appears with the more adventurous students in Peru with the buff, brave, daring side of Ms. Frizzle, named “Fiona”. In “In the Zone”, Jyoti and the kids attend Ms. Frizzle’s musician cousin Maven’s New Year world tour. For the new year, she created a video thanking the Bus for the most amazing field trips. But when the Bus must update its MagicWare before 12:00 AM on New Year’s Day, things start to get weird, as she and the class are transformed into different things, and the Bus heads south to the south pole. When it’s too late, past midnight, and the Bus loses its MagicWare, she sets the clock back to solar time and the Bus finally updates.


  • Jyoti is the only student whose mother wasn't mentioned.
  • In "The Magnetic Mambo", her family name is revealed to be कौर (Kaur).
  • Her color scheme is magenta and royal blue.
  • Jyoti has a strong interest and talent in the fields of technology and engineering.
  • Jyoti is the only student to have never done any of her own reports in the style of Cole and Degen.
    • In the updated Rides Again editions of the Magic School Bus "fun kits", Jyoti acts as a replacement for Phoebe from the original Fun Kits and reads her reports. These do not count.
  • The word ज्योति (Jyoti) means “light” (as in the electromagnetic spectrum) in Sanskrit.
  • She is the first female student in Ms. Frizzle's class whose body was a field trip, when they explored her brain in "Ralphie Strikes a Nerve". However, similar to Janet's nose in "Makes a Stink", they were only inside her brain for a short time.
    • However, she could be the second female body to be explored, if the exterior of Phoebe's forehead counts in "Goes Cellular".
  • In The Battle for Rock Mountain and in the producer segment for In the Zone, it's shown that she is right-handed.



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