The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth is the second book in the book series.


The kids in Ms. Frizzle's class have been studying animal homes for almost a month. It's a relief when she announces, "Today we are going to start something new." They are going to study Earth science.

For homework, the kids are supposed to bring in rocks. But when they show up with everything from concrete to muddy Styrofoam, Ms. Frizzle decides it's time for a field trip. All aboard the bus! They dig through the Earth's crust, then travel straight to the core and out the other side--through the mouth of a volcano!


  • This book was featured as a featured book on Reading Rainbow, and was narrated by Keisha Knight Pulliam. This episode of Reading Rainbow is considered the TV début of the Magic School Bus.
  • This book and And the Climate Challenge are the only two classic books to have their episode adaptations in Rides Again.
  • In Reading Rainbow, the book has few minor changes, including how it was before the official publishing. Such as, even though in the book Phoebe is shown to be “the new kid”, the sign saying that as well as having an arrow pointing at her on the bottom of her feet has been blurred out. And pages that aren't even in the book itself but is in the (Reading Rainbow show).
  • Phoebe's regular outfit in this book would carry over to the 1994 series as her default outfit.
  • Phoebe is a new student. This is her first appearance in the book series, and will later go on to become a student in the 1994-97 TV series' incarnation of Ms. Frizzle's class. However, her TV canon counterpart goes back to her old school in a later episode.
    • On the other hand, that is likely the inspiration for her catchphrase "At my old school..." used in later books and the 1994 series.
  • This book was adapted into the episode, "The Battle for Rock Mountain". It is about geology, but has an entirely different storyline. The drill bus does make an appearance in in the episode about photosynthesis. The book, however, was adapted as the computer game Explores Inside the Earth.
  • In the republished version, the Bus's overhead sign says DIG IT!
  • This is the first book to have a different book cover outlook from being republished.
  • On the original book back cover, Wanda and Phil are scene in the cave with a couple of bats flying around, (In paperback version, the two bats along with Wanda were covered by the rectangle box filled with names and credits and lists of other Magic School Bus books).
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