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The Magic School Bus in the Zone is an episode and a special of the second season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Its topic is time zones.

It is the fifth Magic School Bus special, and the third in The Magic School Bus Rides Again, preceded by The Frizz Connection. It is also the final episode to air before the 2021 hiatus.


Netflix (variant 1).: "It's the longest New Year's Eve ever as Ms. Frizzle and the class travel back in time — hour by hour — to save their beloved bus!"

Netflix (variant 2).: "Ms. Frizzle's class sees every show on a pop star's New Year's Eve tour, learning about time zones as they attend all of her concerts on the same night."


The kids' favorite musician, the Friz's cousin Maven, is performing in concert, and they're going to see it in every time zone. But the Bus is downloading its new MagicWare, which causes it to go haywire.


It’s New Year’s Eve. The episode opens with Ms. Frizzle and her other cousin, Maven, performing on a tour in New Zealand ("One Time Only"). They are applauded by the class, and Jyoti is the most excited, as she shows Ms. Frizzle a special end-of-year video thanking the Bus for her wild rides. Jyoti rewinds the video to the beginning to show the Friz all the footage she has gotten so far, to the time before the concert.

In the flashback, at Walkerville Elementary, Jyoti starts recording the video thanking the Bus for the most amazing field trips. The kids cheer excitedly when Jyoti treats them to Maven's concert in New Zealand, but Ralphie is not excited and is quite tired, because the concert happens to be at 11:00 p.m. After wondering how long it would take to get to New Zealand, Ms. Frizzle says that it's already 11:00 in New Zealand because of how time zones work, and then employs the Bus to teleport there, where they arrive right on time.

Producer Says

At Walkerville Elementary School, Maven watches Liz practice the drum set as she hears a phone ring. Liz presses speaker, gives the phone to Maven, and she answers the viewer (voiced by Lynsey Pham)'s call. The viewer is excited to be talking to "the Maven" who was in the show about time zones, and asks her about the origins of time zones. Maven tells the viewer, in the form of a song, that a group of people met together and discussed that the world needed different time "zones" in the year 1886 ("They Needed Time Zones"). After the song finishes, Lynsey Pham applauds Maven, and then Pham asks another question - how Antarctica's time zones work, and if Antarctica has multiple time zones. Maven remarks that having multiple time zones would get confusing to those who live there, causing them to "pick one time and stick with it". She sings another song to explain it further ("Antarctica"), which gives Lynsey Pham an understanding of it more, and then hangs up. Maven notices that it's getting late and that she should wrap it up because she has another concert. But when she hears the beep of the Magic School Bus, she realizes that "it may be late here, but it's early somewhere else!" The PS segment ends and the theme song plays as the credits roll.

Cast and Appearances




  • Professor Valerie Frizzle, PhD - mentioned, shown in reused footage from "Frizzle of the Future"
  • Nonna Tennelli - mentioned
  • Frizzle Fragments (Fiona and Ms. Frizzle only) - in reused footage from "The Frizz Connection"
  • Chris Hadfield - in reused footage from "Kids in Space"

Flashbacks in Jyoti's video

Soundtrack/Musical numbers

Song Performers Scene
One Time Only Lights, Kate McKinnon The Auckland, New Zealand concert
Time Zones Kate McKinnon, Gabby Clarke, Matthew Mucci When the Bus turns on its disco ball to answer Ralphie's question
Time to Go Lights The Sydney, Australia concert
No Better Time to Fly Lights The Beijing, China concert, when Jyoti saves the kids from being invisible
In the Zone Lights, Kate McKinnon, cast of students (minus Roman Lutterotti), Amos Crawley When the Bus possesses Maven's body during the trip south
Our Time Has Just Begun Lights, Kate McKinnon, students, The Bus The Bus starts glitching after Captain Rock Man lifts it to the magnetic South Pole, where all longitude lines meet
The Best Times Lights Jyoti's video
They Needed Time Zones Lights During the Producer Says segment, when Lynsey Pham calls MSB and asks Maven about the origins of time zones
Antarctica Lights When Lynsey Pham asks about Antarctica


  • This episode marks the third appearance of the Bus in a Producer Says segment; the first was in Rocks and Rolls and the second was in the previous episode, The Frizz Connection.
  • Walkerville is shown to be located in the US state of Virginia, which was where Joanna Cole lived prior to her death. (the Ralphie emoji points to the state in the song "Time Zones").
  • Ralphie brings up his love for calzones and pickles (Ups and Downs, In a Pickle).
  • Ralphie mentions his grandmother in this episode. He refers to her using the Italian word for grandmother, "nonna".
  • Jyoti is the second character to cry after Wanda did in the Holiday Special. Wanda also cries in this episode as well.
    • This is the first and only time Jyoti, Tim, Carlos, Ralphie, & Arnold cry (not counting Send in the Clouds since Jyoti was sad and not crying).
    • This is the second and final time Keesha cries. The first being Gets Charged.
    • This is the third and final time that Wanda cries. The first two are Holiday Special and Gets Charged (not counting Send in the Clouds since Wanda was sad not crying).
    • As of this episode, Dorothy Ann is the only student not to cry. She is also the only female student not to cry in an episode.
    • This is the first time when all students (except Dorothy Ann) cry.
  • This is the first time in which Matthew Mucci uses Ralphie's catchphrase.
  • In order of the screenshots of the episodes in the credits, this is the fourth and final episode to be showcased in the credits. It was teased in the previous two episodes.
  • These are the fourth and fifth times when Ralphie sleeps or acts tired. The first was in Inside Ralphie, the second time was in Ralphie Strikes a Nerve, and the third was in Kids in Space.
  • This is the fifth time when Arnold and Keesha sit next to each other in the Bus. The first was Gets Eaten, the second was Goes on Air, the third was The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi, and the fourth was Send in the Clouds.
  • This episode also marks the first clip show in the series, in the form of Jyoti's video.
  • It is also revealed that the Bus can possess the bodies of others. It possessed Maven during the episode's titular song.
  • In "Time Zones", Ralphie does the Backpack Kid's Dance, known as the "Floss" in Fortnite.
  • The "Carlos!" gag is used for the first time in the "new era" of Rides Again. It is used thrice.
  • Walkerville Elementary School is shown for the first time in the new era.
  • Scenes from Season 1 and the "early" Season 2 appear in Jyoti's thank-you film, as well as the already-released episodes of late Season 2.
  • It is revealed that when the Bus freezes during a MagicWare update, it transforms into a normal school bus.
  • Valerie "Lights" Poxleitner-Bokan, a Canadian musician, known for her songs like "Up We Go" and "Lions", plays Maven.[1]
    • She is the third musical celebrity to guest star in The Magic School Bus + Rides Again; the second being Wynonna Judd (Molly Cule) and the first being Dolly Parton (Murph).
  • The elderly version of Arnold is played by Amos Crawley, who played him in the first season of The Magic School Bus.
  • The Producer Segment is instead told mostly in a song.
  • It is revealed that the Bus's magic comes from a software called MagicWare, which powers the MagBatt. This might have caused the Hinkoblemonflemonjab to malfunction in Gets Ready, Set, Dough.
  • Arnold makes his second appearance as Captain Rock Man, the first being The Battle for Rock Mountain. Now he and Weatherman (Ralphie) are tied with two appearances.
  • This is the final episode to release in 2020 and overall in the 2010s decade (2011–2020).
    • This is the first episode to air in a December since Takes a Dive, and the first Rides Again episode of a December.
  • For its representation in the credits for this and other episodes, Jyoti is shown as a moth flying over the stage.
  • This is the second episode to feature a pop star. The first is Meets Molly Cule, another episode focusing on a different pop-star.
  • The kids wear new winter outfits in this episode, but they have the MSB logo, similar to the raincoats in Gets Swamped.
  • This episode has a similar title to In the Haunted House, In the Arctic, In the Rainforest, In the City, and In the Swim. It is the sixth episode with an "In the..." title.
  • This is the second episode in a row after the previous episode to be in the Holiday and Occasion Themed Episodes category. This episode focuses on New Year's Eve and Day, and the previous focuses on Arnold's birthday and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (an October event).
  • This is the third episode to be dedicated to Joanna Cole. The previous two are the first.
  • This is the fourth episode to focus on the concept of time. The first three are The Busasaurus, Frizzle of the Future, and The Land Before Tim.
  • This streamed one day after the 24th anniversary of the holiday special.
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