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"Lawe lawe, hana heiwa, a loa’a pa!"
Ms. Frizzle’s Hawaiian translation of Professor Frizzle’s famous “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

In the Swim is the third episode of the first season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. It is about fish.

Ms. Frizzle’s outfit

Her swimsuit has a seaweed pattern, and her dress shows a school of fish. Her necklace pendant is a yellow fish reminiscent of Goldfish crackers. She wears a lei and sunglasses with fish-shaped frames in this episode.


Main segment

It's a cold winter day and everyone is playing in the snow. An impatient Arnold counts the days until spring, but he loses count when a pile of snow falls on him. The kids go back into the classroom and Arnold complains about an "avalanche in his underpants". The other kids are excited because it's time for a field trip, and they get to pick where they want to go because they earned it from a time they almost got eaten (which happened many times in "Gets Eaten", "The Busasaurus", and "All Dried Up"). Wanda suggests they go save a bunch of animals and plants, but the kids disagree. Soon, Ms. Frizzle enters the room, wearing sunglasses and Hawaiian attire, and suggests that they go to Hawaii. After handing a lei necklace to each student, she escorts everyone to the Magic School Bus, with a disappointed Wanda promising herself that she would save something. When the kids get on the Bus, they (including the Bus itself) put on their sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimsuits.

The kids arrive in Hawaii on the Magic School Raft Bus, and they seem to be enjoying their time in the water. Wanda dives underwater and finds a lonely fish, whom, to her, needs saving. She takes a picture of it with a camera on her goggles and sends it to Dorothy Ann's FrizPad, asking her what kind of fish this is. Dorothy Ann says it's a blue-striped snapper, and Wanda decides to name it "Becca Blue". Wanda asks how a tiny fish could survive in the big ocean, which Ms. Frizzle says is a very deep question. Wanda says there's nothing dangerous around to hurt Becca, but suddenly, Carlos screams "SHARK!" and Wanda and Ms. Frizzle swim back to shore.

At shore, Arnold and the others are looking at videos of marine creatures on Carlos' FrizPad, Wanda runs up to Carlos and asks him if he was screaming "shark", and Keesha shows the class pictures of the island denizens. Ms. Frizzle suggests an underwater expedition aboard the Bus, which is perfect for Wanda so she could see what Becca Blue is up against in her ecosystem. The class enters the Bus, which dives in the ocean.

Ms. Frizzle presses a "fish button" on the Magic Sea Sub's dashboard - but instead of doing something related to fish, a bunch of Goldfish crackers fall on Ms. Frizzle's head. But she finds the other fish button, which gives each kids "fishmobiles" (fish-shaped mini-submarines), which are hard to control. Ms. Frizzle reminds them, in Hawaiian, to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, which means, to Wanda, "permission to push buttons!" Wanda activates the fish's dorsal fin, which makes it easier for her to stop rolling around. Ralphie activates the tail fin, which speeds him up drastically, almost crashing into Dorothy Ann, who activates the pectoral fins which make it easier for her to steer. Wanda then spots Becca and starts to follow her, but suddenly, a giant sea monster appears, which is actually a school of fish, followed by a real sea monster: a shark, which, fortunately, passes the Fishmobiles. Ralphie and the others decide to get back on the Bus and go back to the surface in case the shark comes back around and eats the class.

Wanda, worried about Becca's life, talks to Jyoti about the fact that Becca might get eaten by the shark, so after learning from Dorothy Ann that fish hide in coral reefs to protect themselves from predators, they decide to build a "house" for Becca to hide in, with surveillance cameras to notify them if the shark approaches. Wanda places the house near Becca, who swims around it. But unfortunately, Becca has things to do, so she swims away from the house.

Meanwhile, Liz is playing limbo with the Frizz, the Bus, and the rest of the class, and Wanda asks Ms. Frizzle if she can go back underwater to watch Becca and make sure nothing bad happens to her. Wanda enters her Fishmobile and encounters Becca, who is swimming so fast that Wanda can't keep up! She then proceeds to turn on Swimmer Sense, which measures swimming depth, and Fish Link, which synchronizes her Fishmobile to Becca, causing Wanda's fishmobile to follow her. Soon, Wanda and Becca encounter the shark, who tries to eat the two. Wanda turns off Fish Link and hides in a coral reef, where she watches Becca's school scare the shark away. The shark then heads toward Wanda and tries to eat her.

Ms. Frizzle calls Dorothy Ann and notifies her that it's time to go to school, (not the place where you learn things, the group of fish) and then shows a video of Wanda, face-to-headlights with a shark. The class boards the Magic Sea Bus and their fishmobiles and saves Wanda by fish-linking with each other and forming a school.

Back at actual school, Wanda has fun outside in the snow with the rest of the class, as the Producer segment begins and the credits roll.

Producer segment



  • This is the first episode in the Netflix series to have a title that starts with "in".
  • Going by production order, this is the first episode of Season 1.[1]
  • Keesha's lips are lighter in color in one scene, and darker in another.
  • This is the first episode in which each student has a vehicle. The kids use vehicles in future episodes.
  • The tie-i book is called "Sink or Swim".
  • The applause voice line from "For Lunch" by the original series' voice actors are reused in this episode.
  • Wanda's love for animals from "Hops Home" is shown again.
  • Wanda seems to like cold weather in this episode when she was playing with the others at the end, as opposed to her disliking it in "Kicks Up a Storm" and "In the Arctic".
  • The credits focuses on Wanda for this episode.
  • Revenge of the Deep 2, a fictional movie that Jyoti has seen, is the second in-universe movie mentioned after Stand by Your Mantis.