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For the farm that the students visited in this episode, see Walkerville Research Farm.
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Claw and Order Ghost Farm Nothin' but Net

Ghost Farm is the third episode of the second season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. It is about farming.


Arnold is seen screaming and running away from Wanda, dressed as a giant orange carrot. She explains that this would catch the attention of people to the Fall Fun Feast, which is her first time to run it. Her plans for the feast would include a water slide, a laser lights show, and a feast. Carlos and Ralphie makes her realize that she forgot the food for the feast, as she was busy with the promotion part. As she looks around, Ralphie pulls out a tomato from his lunch bag and proceeds to bite into it, with Wanda stopping him and asking where he got it from. He states that there was a farm on the way from his grandparents' house. He also includes that the farm included ghosts, as the folks that live around the area noticed strange and spooky things happening with the farm. They ride the bus to a run-down gas-station, with a man waiting. Ms Frizzle asks the man for directions, and he warns the class about the dangers of the farm, but giving the directions to the farm. He seemingly disappears, and they head down the road to the Ghost Farm. As they do, the man reappears behind the bus, watching them.

As the class enters the farmlands, they notice a ripped-up sign of a monster, which frightens Arnold. As they travel further, the farm seems eerie and spooky, like the rumors. The tire on the bus pops, and Ms Frizzle attempts to use the Flat-Fixer 5000 to repair the tire. She notes that there is an electrical interference with the bus that is stopping the device from fixing the flat tire. The kids then notice an automated tractor, which they believe a ghost is driving. Wanda and Ralphie are seen peeking through the gates at the vegetables and plants growing at the farm, and they go in. The rest of the class is shocked and they attempt to follow them, but is stopped by the metal gates that locked the two in the farm. Wanda is determined to find out who grew the beautiful vegetables, with Ralphie trailing behind.

Ms. Frizzle has another idea. "The Flat-Fixer may be fried, but the Shrinkerscope stands strong!" She presses a button on the Bus Remote, and proceeds to use the Shrinkerscope to resize herself and the rest of the class in order to fit under the gates of the Ghost Farm. They hide in a patch of strawberries, and Tim desperately yells out the names of Ralphie and Wanda, only to be shushed by Arnold, who is aware of the "ghosts". Suddenly, the class hears a rustling noise, which Keesha and Tim think is a ghost. They proceed to try and hide or panic, but the brave Ms. Frizzle insists that the class "sees what it is!" The scared students follow her and notice a peculiar machine with robotic arms and sharp pincers. The machine removes the strawberries from their stems, including the ones among which the Frizzle class was hiding. After running for cover, the class notices an earthquake-like rumbling in the ground. Dorothy Ann points out that it's not the ground - they are standing on a drone. The drone rises, taking the kids and Ms. Frizzle with it.


  • Ms. Frizzle mentions chloroplasts, which were covered in Gets Planted.
  • Stuart Stone is the caller in the Producer Says segment.
    • This episode is the third in Rides Again to include both Lily Tomlin and Stuart Stone. The second is Space Mission: Selfie, in which Stuart Stone voices the announcer for Cosmic Corner. The first is Three in One, where Stone plays the host of the "Gizmos that Go" competition.
  • This episode is the third in which the class believes that there is a ghost. The first two are In the Haunted House and Gets a Bright Idea.
  • According to Keesha, Ralphie was scared during the Great Pepperoni Shortage of 2015, which was 3 years ago before Phoebe went back to her old school, based on The Land Before Tim's logic.
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