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Takes a Dive Frizzle of the Future Pigs in the Wind

"Class, please welcome your new science teacher, and my little sister: Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle."
Professor Frizzle

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Frizzle of the Future is the first episode of Season 1. Its topic is about ecosystems.


Netflix: "Change is good for everyone except Arnold, who's worried that a new teacher—Ms. Frizzle's younger sister—will alter the class' ecosystem."

Amazon Prime and Google: "Arnold is alarmed to discover that the beloved Ms. Frizzle has been promoted and her younger sister is taking over the class. His worries come true when a simple field trip results in the Galápagos Islands being overrun by invasive bunnies. Can Arnold save the islands, and will he ever learn to appreciate his new teacher?"

Ms. Frizzle’s outfit

Ms. Frizzle’s dress depicts the Crescit leiunium frizzlaeia plant at its full size, and her necklace pendant is a flower. 2037 Ms. Frizzle’s outfit in the alternate timeline has a similar concept.


A whole school year and summer break have passed since the events of The Magic School Bus, and Arnold is excited that everything has stayed the same since last year, and nothing has changed except Phoebe's return to her old school and that a new student, Jyoti Kaur, has enrolled in Ms. Frizzle's class. Arnold welcomes Jyoti to Walker Elementary and gives her a tour of the Frizzle classroom. After knowing that everyone has a job to do in the class, Jyoti compares it to a balanced ecosystem. Dorothy Ann uses her research to tell the class what an ecosystem is, only for Ralphie to interrupt her by defining the word, which he said he learned from his mom, who called an old pizza box he left under his bed the "world's smelliest biome". Jyoti wonders where she'll fit in in the class ecosystem, and Arnold says that she'll just have to find out. He lets her have Phoebe's old seat. After the warm welcome, the Bus arrives, which means Ms. Frizzle is about to enter the room in 14.2 seconds. Arnold dusts off the spot on the Friz's desk on where a mug that the class made for her is always put and counts down the seconds until their teacher enters. When they get to one, Ms. Frizzle enters the room—but it's not the actual Friz. The new Ms. Frizzle says hello to the class and calls each person by name (even though they haven't met yet). Soon, the Friz whom the class is used to enters the room and tells them that the person who came in the room before her was her sister, Fiona and that she is not going to be at Walker Elementary this year (as she mentioned in "Works Out" that she was retiring). She is now a research professor with a Ph.D., who travels the world and goes on adventures on the Magic Motorbike. Fiona Frizzle grabs her crazy-growing Crescit Leiunium Frizzlaeia vine and puts it on the place where the Professor's mug is, which makes Arnold worry that the ecosystem won't be balanced because of this new teacher, and because of this, he takes the vine off the desk and heads outside to the Bus for a field trip with the rest of the class.

Outside, the Friz tells everyone that Fiona will be replacing her this year, and, as a research professor, she'll be traveling all sorts of places. This makes the class worry—they can't take chances, make mistakes, or get messy without her. Fiona is excited that she gets to be the new teacher and heads to the Bus and tells it to "do its stuff". The Bus doesn't respond, which means that Professor Frizzle forgot something—she didn't hand the keys to her sister. After Fiona receives the keys, everyone gets on the Bus for a field trip. Arnold notices that his seat on the Bus is different, and it is closer to the driver's seat than the handicap door at the back. The kids put on their seatbelts as the new Friz pulls the lever that activates the Bus' Mesmerglober, the machine that controls the Bus' transformations. New to this, Fiona is fascinated by all the modes the Bus has and proceeds to activate the plane mode.

The class arrives on the Galápagos Islands. Arnold proceeds to get out of the Bus, which he should have regretted doing, as the Bus landed atop a very tall hill. Arnold falls off the Bus, and Ms. Frizzle uses the hydraulic Wedginator arm to pull him back on. Carlos then mentions that this new Friz might not have parking skills. The cliff cracks, which sends the Bus falling. Fiona Frizzle activates the Bus' antigravity machine and lands it to safety. Ms. Frizzle then decides to look around the islands, so she pulls out the Bus' remote control and heads out.

On the islands, Ms. Frizzle recognizes one of her old-time friends, Galápagos Gil, who gives the class a tour of the Galápagos. He notes that the ecosystem here has a perfect balance, with everything fitting in. Tim tells Ms. Frizzle that the original Friz would enhance her old trips with magic. So, Ms. Frizzle grabs the Bus remote and turns Carlos into a turtle and Wanda into a Galápagos finch, and, like the Friz always does, gives the rest of the students' special eyewear that allows them to see something related to the topic. The goggles show arrows that point to connections in the ecosystem. Ms. Frizzle then takes the class' goggles and turns Carlos and Wanda human again.

Tim asks Gil if he is worried about the ecosystem getting out of balance, and Gil says yes. That's why he inspects everything and everyone for anything so no new plants or animals get into the islands. Tim notes that he has to look at everything really close up, which gives Ms. Frizzle an idea. She uses the Portashrinker to shrink the kids and Galápagos Gil and has them examine a hiking boot for invasive species. Arnold finds one—a gypsy moth who's laying eggs. Dorothy Ann tells the kids that this is an invasive species, and shows them on her FrizTab the things these moths can do to the trees on the Galápagos Islands.

The class and Galápagos Gil return to normal size, and Arnold tells Ralphie that the new teacher might be an invasive species. Ralphie replies that it's okay and that she's got a sense of humor. Arnold still doesn't agree and thinks that she is plotting to threaten the class ecosystem as the class knows it. He heads to the Bus and grabs his backpack with the Frizzlæia Vine inside and sets it on a tortoise's shell. This causes the plant's pot to break and the plant to grow throughout the islands.

Meanwhile, back at school, Arnold tells the professor that her sister is threatening the class ecosystem and that she needs to come back. The Friz compares her sister to a honeybee and tells Arnold that a honeybee was once an invasive species, but later fit right in and gave us what we know today as honey! Arnold still doesn't agree, so the Friz suggests using magic, which just so happens to be a trip to the classroom 30 years in the future.

In the futuristic classroom, the Bus ends up in a display case with the other Bus transformations from episodes of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Future Wanda mentions a crisis in the Galápagos, which makes Arnold recall the time when the class left the islands and when he put the pot on the turtle. The class heads to the Galápagos and notices a horde of bunnies and the Frizzle plant. Soon, a man who just so happens to be Galápagos Gil II. He tells the class that the bunnies have been eating the plants since the plant threw off the ecosystem. Dorothy Ann says the plant is non-native, and Ms. Frizzle says that it's her special vine that always, must stay in a pot. Having known that she caused this because she brought the plant to school, she feels like she has been an invasive species and calls Valerie, asking her to come back. Arnold asks to talk to the professor in private (the bus remote teleports him to the professor's location) and he tells her that the plant was his fault and that he caused the biggest change in the history of the world. Arnold then tells the Friz that the best way to stop an invasive species is to stop the invasion, so Arnold returns to the Galápagos islands, and the kids travel back in time to fix the mess.

30 years in the past, Arnold notices the plant pot fall off of the turtle shell and the plant starts growing. Soon, Arnold starts grabbing hold of the plant to get it to stop, getting him and Jyoti, as well as everybody else tangled within the vines. Whilst fighting it, Arnold and Jyoti each take on the plant individually while everybody else fights it together as a group. Luckily, Ms. Frizzle has an extra pot and seals the plant within it, returning it to it's normal state. Problem solved!

Back in the present day, Arnold is okay that he has a new teacher, Jyoti invents a device that tracks the plant's motion, so the class knows when it comes out of the pot, and Arnold thanks Jyoti for helping him and his class, plus, saving his life.

Major events

  • Ms. Valerie Frizzle is revealed to have been promoted to Professor Frizzle, as she foreshadowed in “Works Out”. She hires her sister to teach the class and take care of Liz during her research expeditions with her pet tamarin, Goldie, on a motorbike that uses MagicWare.
  • Phoebe is revealed to have transferred back to her old school.
  • Jyoti enrolls in Ms. Frizzle’s class.


  • During the transition to The Magic School Bus Rides Again, a few things were removed and changed.
    • Instead of Nelvana, Rides Again is be co-produced by 9-Story, and later on in Season 2’s special episodes, it will be co-produced by Brown Bag Films.
    • Professor Valerie Frizzle, PhD. retires from being a teacher, and, after hiring her sister, she replaces Malcolm-Jamal Warner in the Producer Says segments.
    • Jyoti is enrolled at Walker after Phoebe transfers back to Phoebe's Old School.
  • This is the first time Arnold and Jyoti sit next to each other. The second and third are The Tales Glaciers Tell and Ready, Set, Fail!.
  • This is the first episode of the third millennium (2XXX CE), the 21st century, and the 2010s.
  • This is the first episode in 1080p (FHD) and the first in 16:9.
  • This is the first episode where Phoebe is absent in (Despite not appear other series or not being in their class anymore.
    • However, on Qubo, it was aired in 480i (SD) like the original series did on PBS. However, since the original 16:9 aspect ratio is letterboxed into 4:3, the 16:9 technically isn't in 480i.
  • Coincidentally, Season 4 of The Magic School Bus and Season 1 of The Magic School Bus Rides Again both aired and streamed in the eighth year of their decades (1997 and 2017).
  • This episode is foreshadowed in "Works Out", as Professor Frizzle says "There'll be no next time for me, Garth; I'm retiring.", foreshadowing her new job as a researcher.
  • This is the first episode since the original series' holiday special not to have a title focusing on the Bus. This is probably due to the series' title, The Magic School Bus Rides Again.
  • Dorothy Ann stresses the first syllable of "research" as of this series, as she has a new voice actor, Gabby Clarke, who pronounces it that way.
  • We get to see inside the Bus while it is transforming for the first time.
  • This is the first episode in which a guest character voiced by a guest star shrinks, and the second one who knows that the class uses magic (the first being Katrina Eloise "Murph" Murphy from The Magic School Bus: Holiday Special)
  • When the kids are in their suits on the hiking boot, the Cellinator (which is revealed later in "Carlos Gets the Sneezes") is on their belts. This is seen on their MSB suits throughout the entire series, and they wear the same MSB suits when they are shrunk, underwater, or in space instead of wearing different ones.
  • In the display case in the futuristic classroom, other Bus transformations from future episodes can be seen (the newer version of the rocket ship from the theme song and "Space Mission: Selfie", the train from "The Magnetic Mambo", etc.).
  • The Bus logo on the field trip suits has changed; the Bus is not shown with rocket wings, but it retains its rocket engine at the rear.
  • This is the first episode in which Professor Frizzle is not seen wearing anything with decorations for the entire episode. The dress patterns are passed onto her successor. Across the entire original series, Professor Frizzle has at least worn something with decorations.
  • Professor Frizzle's mug was never shown in this episode, despite being mentioned.
  • This is the first episode with the new cast:
    • Arnold is played by Miles Koseleci-Vieira.
    • Carlos is played by Leke Maceda-Rustecki.
    • Dorothy Ann is played by Gabby Clarke.
    • Jyoti, the new student, is played by Birva Pandya.
    • Ralphie is played by Matthew Mintz.
    • Tim is played by Kaden Stephen.
    • Wanda is played by Lynsey Pham.

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