Fiona Frizzle
Fiona Frizzle
First Appearance The Magic School Bus Rides Again (2017)
Personality Cheerful, bubbly, youthful, loving, beautiful, intelligent, smart, caring
Family Professor Frizzle (older sister)
Voiced By Kate McKinnon
Fiona Felicity Frizzle (Sometimes known as The Friz) (voiced by Kate McKinnon) is the younger sister of Valerie Frizzle and John Frizzle. Upon her arrival, the entire class greets her as "Ms. Frizzle!" except for Arnold, who tells her "You're not Ms. Frizzle!" to which she replies "Oh, but I am, Arnold ." At first, Fiona seems to be more concerned about the Safety of the ecosystem and not as concerned about the Dangers and Perils that befall her and the class while they're on their field trips. While her outfits do reflect the theme of the day, they are not nearly as flamboyant as her sister's clothes. She typically wears a long-sleeved purple shirt, red ballet flats, and a necklace/skirt that showcases the theme of the day. Conversely, she might spend the entire episode in special gear like an astronaut suit, or a snow suit. Her theme colors are blue and purple. In the episode, the Magnetic Mambo, she is shown to be a talented dancer.

A fact for those who have watched the magic school bus rides again: in s2 ep4 “ nothin’ but net” Mrs Frizzle says her great uncle Ascii always used to say 01011001 01100101 01110000 This is binary and when translated says the the word ‘ yep ‘.


Fiona has red, shoulder-length hair, and green eyes. Much like her sister, her outfit depends on what the kids are learning about. But, it all follows a given pattern: a royal long-sleeved blue shirt, a light mint knee-length skirt that's themed after the lesson, and red ballet flats.


In many respects, Fiona Frizzle is very similar in personality to her big sister. Like her sister, she is very cheerful, bubbly, fun-loving, youthful and beautiful.