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The Land before Tim Claw and Order Ghost Farm

"I think you just stepped in some bird perp."

Claw and Order is the second episode of the second season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again. It is about birds.


The class has been messed up by a bird! Most of the clues point to Marty the Magpie the bird friend of Wanda. Wanda knew Marty did not do it but Keesha Franklin and Carlos Ramón strongly think it was Marty. Then when hope was lost for Marty and Wanda, the classroom got messed up again! This time, one of the clues pointed out that Marty was not the culprit, rather it was a cardinal and a duck.



  • When Wanda, Marty, and the other birds are on trial, Liz is the judge and D.A. is the district attorney, reprising their positions from the courtroom scene in "In a Pickle".
  • This episode's title is based on the TV series Law and Order and its reboots, and the term "law and order" in general.
  • When Ms. Frizzle starts talking about adaptations, Dorothy Ann references the time the class shrunk and explored a polar bear's skin and fur in "In the Arctic".
  • Keesha is revealed to be right-handed.
  • One of the criminal birds being a cardinal might be a nod to Joanna Cole. She lived in the US state, Virginia, whose "state bird" is the cardinal.
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