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"Hair-raising sound, don't you think? Did it frighten you?"
Dauntless after exiting the sarcophagus

A Magic School Bus Halloween is a compilation of The Magic School Bus Halloween specials. It consists of "In the Haunted House" and "Going Batty" with live-action segments between these two episodes. It was aired on October 31, 1995. If counted, this is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the original series.


Live-action segment 1

Inside a city museum's "Halloween Camp-In" on Halloween night, three students, Katie (Karishma), Richie (Gabriel Martinez), and Howard (Danny Tamberelli) are worried about their teacher and class. Soon, thunder roars, and the skeleton of a T-rex flashes before their eyes, which scares Richie and Howard. But when the boys run away, Katie explains that it's just a bunch of old dinosaur bones. The boys stop at an area and Howard has had it, saying "next Halloween, I'm camping out." Just then, the sound of what supposed to be a ghost emanates ominously. Richie thinks Katie has tricked them and shouts through the entrance of the tunnel that enough is enough. He enters the tunnel to find out. Nervously, Howard thinks about his friend who is in trouble, or not. So he enters the tunnel, too, which leads to a scary basement. Howard tries to scream but Richie calms him down. Since they're not in camp anymore, the boys take a look around the basement. They see eyeballs and slime. Everything goes really well until Richie is captured by a curtain, but Katie, who found her friends, tricks him. Richie angrily says that wasn't funny, and Katie knows that because it was actually historical. Katie shows the boys a sarcophagus. She knocks on the tomb and says "trick or treat!!". Then an old man emerges from the tomb. He introduces himself as "Dauntless", with a bag that contains the fears of mankind. He also says that she just loves going to museums on Halloween, as "they're just oozing with delectable dilemmas", calling the trio her "victims". The trio decides to go back to their class after seeing cockroaches near their feet, and upon hearing the word "class", Dauntless shows a picture of his students, pointing to Carlos. He then tells his story, about Carlos' uphill-struggle search for just the right sound...

Part 1: In the Haunted House

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Live-action segment 2

After the story, Richie finally realizes that it's actually just a bag of old sounds, which he says "they're just a bunch of vibrations, no big deal." Dauntless agrees that there's no need to keep them from in here any longer. He then lets the sounds out of the bag, and Howard notices a tarantula on his hand, which scares him. Dauntless says that tarantulas are slow moving creatures. Howard touches the tarantula and thinks it's actually friendly. One fear Dauntless doesn't need is for what he does. Katie asks "And what's that? Scaring people for no reason?" Dauntless shows her a bat and answers, "Bat's for you to find out!" Katie says that bats are gross, horrible and creepy, and could possibly be vampires, and Howard and Richie disagree with the fact. Dauntless asks the kids how they could possibly know this, and Howard tells him that he doesn't know. But Dauntless says that he's not the only one who doesn't know, and he has another victim; in this case, a victim of a case of mistaken identity.

Part 2: Going Batty

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Finale (live-action)

Dauntless then puts the bat in the bag, and Katie explains to him that if he only puts scary things in there, a bat, which she thinks is cute, should not belong. Dauntless agrees, quoting his aunt Bodacious: "The more you know something, the less you fear it!". He proceeds to place the bat on the ceiling where it belongs. After hearing that quote from "aunt Bodacious", Richie asks Howard if Dauntless reminds him of a certain someone. Katie asks Dauntless about the other contents of his bag of "scary things", and Dauntless tells her that she, Richie, and Howard are not afraid of them any longer, for they have "taken chances, made mistakes, and conquered them". Dauntless is revealed to be Professor Frizzle, who leaves the room and drives away with Liz on the Magic School Bus. In the museum, the three kids high-five together, admitting that they have been "Frizzled".

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  • Hugh Martin directed the live-action segments of the special. The live-action segments were also shot at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
  • The credits are somehow cut off in the video file, but not on the VHS release, or when it aired on television.
  • Despite being released to VHS, it was never re-released to DVD and digital.
  • This episode marks Valerie Frizzle's live-action debut. The second time she appears in live-action (along with her actual students) is in the upcoming film.
  • Danny Tamberelli, the voice of Arnold in the second, third, and, fourth season, portrays Howard.
  • Katie appears to be an amalgamation of Keesha, Phoebe, and Wanda, Howard's personality happens to be like Arnold, and Richie appears to be a blend of Carlos, Jyoti, and Ralphie.
    • Richie's quote, "Am I batty, or does that guy remind you of someone?" references Ralphie's "Is it just me, or…".
  • This episode has the first occurrence of the line "We've been Frizzled"; which will carry over into the original seasons 3 and 4 as Tim's catchphrase. Arnold also says this in The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge.
  • The instrumental version of the theme song is played over the credits with a guitar solo. This is heard on the 2002-05 and 2012-17 DVD menus and the ending credits to the Qubo airing of the series. This is also the debut of this version of the theme.
  • Despite not having a season, this is technically the fourteenth episode of Season 2.
  • This is the first "lost feature", the second being the behind-the-scenes segment of the Holiday Special and the third being Goldstealer. However, the former is available commercially on VHS, albeit very easy to miss given its cover doesn't indicate it contains anything other than the episodes In the Haunted House and Going Batty.